Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happiness in the month of June

Did a month of Gratitude posts last dec holiday and decided to do a month of Happiness this June holiday using fb status.... but me being me who loves to archive stuff just has to consolidate all of them here.... heee..... here goes;

June 1:
Happiness is receiving reminders for our Japan accommodation next week...

June 2:
Happiness is attending exercise classes together with hubby... And for today, it's piloxing class...

June 3:
Happiness is catching up on 康熙来了 on a work day.....oopx.....

June 4:
Happiness is spending time with 蔡 mummy today...

June 5:
Happiness is buying 2 pairs of jelly bunny shoes at 50%+ 5% discount....


June 6:
Happiness is witnessing my best work buddy walked down the aisle today!!!! Happi marriage oh!!!

June 7:
Happiness is getting all packed up for our 'first' chua's family trip in 16 years

June 8:
Happiness is traveling as a family ...

June 9:
Happiness is masking as a family...

June 10:
Happiness is having a great sis who offered to massage my tired feet after all the walking at toei studio park, torii gates and chasing after maiko at gion street....

June 11:
Happiness is being schoolmate with harry potter

June 12:
Happiness is having a cheat day from excessive walking...to mount koya

June 13:
Happiness is "happy 6th get to know u anniversary"

June 14:
Happiness is receiving pics of snowy & brownie and sweet messages from hubby on a bad day....

June 15:
Happiness is having my personal space in my not too teeny weeny capsule hotel that comes with a female only hot mini pool area!!!

June 16:
Happiness is being among the first 120 people who witnessed the tuna auction this super early morning

June 17:
Happiness is flying home to hubby

June 18:
Happiness is hubby dates me to go clubbing to celebrate our 6th "nice to meet you" anniversary at double o in 2009...

June 19:
Happiness is clearing 53.33% of my work when i only planned to complete 44.44% today.... wahahahahaha....setting exam paper

June 20:
Happiness is attending Heather's segment of body attack class

June 21:
Happiness is watching Jurassic Park with hubby

June 22:
Happiness is seeing a great pal looking so blissfully happy when she shared stories about her mr...

June 23:
Happiness is finding the motivation to clear another 13.33% of work despite feeling moody that term 3 starts in a few hours time....

June 24:
Happiness is knowing I am loved right.... http://zh.buzzhand.com/post_708820.html?t=22820

June 25:
Happiness is finally having a new partner at work... work can only get better... yippy ya yo!!!

June 26:
Happiness is buying 10 pieces of stickers from the scissor paper stone shop in hougang mall at 10 for $9..... usual price is 10 for $29.... woohoo!!!!

June 27:
Happiness is enjoying the last weekend before term 3 starts

June 28:
Happiness is having hubby back from an oversea work trip....

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