Friday, June 5, 2015

Hungry Heros + Art Art & Away

luv the outdoor furniture but not for us on a hot hot afternoon.... =P 

the interior with plenty of figurines and pictures of all kinds of super heros

newspapers as placemat 

3 of the avengers...where's my hulk??? 

lights stuck with many many small hero figurines 

 Luncheon Fries 

Heros Fries 

Both Mr Ang and I ordered the spider pig (pulled pork) burger set at $17 per set... missing the pulled pork in US...  

while the other two 'couples' ordered the 2 platters for 2 at $62 per platter 

the Avenger s gang @ Hungry Heros

Art Art and Away is a dessert + deco and funky furniture store just 3 units away

sesame paste for the uncle 们

and for our cutie pie Royal Highness Princess Natalie,  

a mango pudding with a huge strawberry ... =) 

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