Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 7 in Japan - Fox Village in Shiroishizao

红红的蔡家又出发了... and it was to the fox village we went on our 7th day in Japan

luv this mini tattoo that Angela fixed for me... 

先填饱肚子再出发 was curry rice again... =) 

dun know what selfie style were these two selfie princess and selfie prince up to?!?!?!?!?!?

took the Shinkasen Yamabiko from Tokyo to Shiroishizao (109 min) ... valid with the JR pass else it would have cost us 10150¥  (S$110.45) each.... transport fare in japan is really super de exp... =P 

but the scariest of all is the taxi fare.... first 1.5km is at 670¥ (S$7.30) and an additional 90¥ (S$1) for subsequent part thereof.... we paid S$45 per cab per way for the 20 min ride from the train station to the fox village... total damage for cab fare for 5 of us was S$180 two ways two cab.... heart bled like crazy... 

that was why inside cab must also take pic....  

entrance fee at 1000¥ (S$11) each

each of us bought a pack of feeds for the foxes inthe enclosure... =) 

which looked like the treat treat i gave my pups 

was feeling quite sad when i saw that tiny baby foxes were kept in tiny metal cages with limited space... =S

but oh mine... they looked so adorable... like husky puppies

then we found out that it was bcos they were due for immunization!!!! 

medium enclosures for mummies and babies 

then there was the super big enclosure for free roaming adult foxes and us... =) 

this explained why some of the foxes seemed to be shedding with clutters of greyish fur still stuck here and there on their bodies ... =S 


i think the foxes were too used to sleeping in cages before they were upgraded into this free roam area that a couple of them still chose to nap in teeny weeny cages.... wahahahaha

luv this pic cos it showed the uniqueness of my shades which i gotten from the outlet mall at las vegas last year.. =) ... ohhh... missing the shopping at US.... 

the foxes were really everywhere though most of them were napping their afternoon away

this was the feeding area and feeding can only be done in this area as the foxes could get a little aggressive when they snatched for the treats

anticipation level max

saw how they use their butt to push their competitor away???? 

also dun know if they were fighting or playing with each other lo

yes... this fox was that near to Alfred...

we were so happy to see this notice especially when it was so affordable @ S$3.30 for a good 15-20 min of play time with the baby foxes... mummy wasn't keen at all and chose to wait for us at the gift shop while the 4 of us went goo-goo-gaa-gaa over the baby foxes... =D

Alfred's little fox was so 乖... 

蔡家的四个宝and our 小狐狸宝宝s

so painful..... 代价 of trying to take pic with one hand and holding the baby fox with only one hand which means the 2 hind legs of the fox were free to wriggle and scratch!!! .... ='( 

this one also so manja...

reminds me of my school bag during the first 3 months of JC

other attractions at this location that we did not bother to check it out due to the extremely high cab fare... =P ... 

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