Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 5 in Japan - to temple stay at Shojoshin-in @ Koyasan


Thankful for the locker services at Kyoto station that facilitated us in travelling light

had a super duper quick breakfast at the train platform 

stand up chop chop style

sharing a bowl of udon soup with mummy... just nice i am a right hander and mummy a leftie... =) 

a grouchy 圆手 Alvin having his dorayaki

anyway, it was a long and tiring journey to the temple; 
we took the JR Special Rapid Service train from Kyoto to Osaka (28 mins), then JR Yamatoji Rapid Service to Shinimamiya (13 min) - total 920¥ (S$10) and both covered by our JR pass ... =) 

bought the Koyasan ticket package at Shinimamiya station at 2860¥ (S$31.10) which included 2 train tickets, 2 bus tickets and 2 cable car tickets - all that was needed to bring us to and fro our temple at Koyasan and back 

took Nankai Koya Line Express train from Shinimamiya to Gokurakubashi (94 mins)

here came our train.... 

poor gal who was starting to feel unwell 

the very comfortable 蔡 mummy on the train playing her mobile game and resting on her cute neck pillow that she tied to her bag so that she could used it on all train rides....  

5 mins cable car (electric tram) up mount koya (koyasan)

another one coming in the opposite direction 

guess who???

the view at koyasan station 

super windy road - about a 20 minutes drive away and less than a minute walk away from the 10th bus stop was the temple that we had booked...=) 

our stay which we paid 64000 yen (S$696.30) per night.... very ex hor... but base on japan travel website, a temple stay is highly recommended as one of the unique experience that Japan can offer... 

the left wing

the right wing which we stayed in

big clogs small happy feet 

and behind these doors was the gals' room

boys' room

As it was still early and dinner was at least a an hour plus away, we left the unwell angela in the room and headed out for a stroll in the very quiet and peaceful neighbourhood.... 

bought magnets again....  

the start of his endless selfie cos he was in charge of my pen-lite camera since angela wasn't around

and this was his idea of how Angela looks like during selfie..... wahahahahahaha...... 

this shine through reminds me of this scene from Twilight.... 

He said this was wearing the temple as his headgear?!?!?!?!

time for dinner in our exclusive dinning hall... =D


vegetarian meal for the day


we took a stroll around the temple after dinner and were captivated by the in-house greenery 

蔡 mummy was super enthu on wanting a pic in the yukata 

now we know why Japanese are so polite and so bow-ey...practice makes perfect... =P 


cubbyhui said...

hi candy,

is it possible you can share your japan itinerary from you?

Hui Qin

Candy Chua said...

sure... you can give me your email address and i will forward you the planned itinerary which we followed about 80% on the trip.... otherwise, you can just read the blog posts from ( onwards.... =)

Siah said...

hi, will really appreciate it if you can also send me your itinerary.
My email is
Thanks alot!
btw, can i also enquire for the temple stay, is it a shared or personal washroom?

Candy Chua said...

sent... do check and let me know if it didnt get through....

cubbyhui said...

Hi candy, my email is :