Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Apartment in Tokyo

location of this apartment was horrible.... =S.... it took us approx 45 minutes and cost us 410 yen (S$4.50) each for one way from/to tokyo station.... =S 
  • 6 minutes walk from toyko station to otemachi station
  • 14 minute tozai train to nishi-kasai station
  • 5 minute bus ride on #27 (3 bus stops) 
  • 5 minutes walk from the bus stop to the apartment 
  • approx 15 minutes waiting time and walking time in between 

but why did i still booked this apartment leh???
  • obviously i din know it was that ridiculously far and time consuming la 
  • very importantly, it can accommodate all 5 of us in 2 bedrooms 
  • there's a living room for us to place our barang barangs
  • it cost us S$181 per night - consider a steal for 5 people for accommodation in tokyo .... but if i had taken into consideration the amount of fare we paid just to get to and fro tokyo station... i would have just paid S$45 more per night to stay nearer to tokyo station lo... 真的是失算 ah... 

anyway, we had stayed in this apartment for our 6th, 7th and 9th night in Japan.... the host was super kind to let us leave our luggage at his place at no charges for our 8th night in Japan...  we had spent that night at First Cabin Capsule Hotel so that we could walk over to Tsukiji market to witness the tuna auction at 330am... 

the host had picked us up from the train station on our first night in my favourite kind of squarish car
 and what a surprise i had when i saw that we were driven into a HDB estate... i didn't even realise that i had booked a hdb apartment lo..... no wonder the host came to give us a lift la.... there was no way we could have make our way in without him on our first night lo.... 

these pics of the neighbourhood were taken the morning after as we had reached tokyo very late from our temple stay @ mount koya on our 6th day 

love the peacefulness in the estate though.... either it's a very new estate, or it's because it's in a super ulu part of tokyo if not then the Japs are just super duper quiet in carrying out their everyday activities 
this was the block that we stayed in

our unit on the 1st level 

door key card that came with a 'joker' key chain... hahahahaha

the original living room 

which we turned into a luggage area

the small dinning area which we used for charging our phones, cameras, ipads, pocket wifi etc  

Alfred's and mummy's room, with a mini balcony, which we termed the "Orchestra Room" due to their thunderous snoring... wahahahahaha 
with a doorway that link right straight to the main door 

Alvin's, Angela's and my room 

the mini kitchen where 蔡 mummy and Alvin cooked our dinner on our 1st night here... 

Angela's expression said it all, "What ugly towel they provided?!?!?!?! wahahahahaha

Alvin also had to readjust the length of the lamp which mum, despite being the shortest in the family, kept walking into it and getting hit on her head THRICE 

our favourite hangout place in this estate was the nearby supermarket where we purchased most of our souvenirs from... and the 必经之路  

had a great shopping spree at this supermarket... discount on most food product as it was after 8pm when we first visited it on our first night there.... =D 

coke ice for Alfred... who said that melt also nvm... just become coke.... hahahahahaha

while the 3 of us had the pineapple, grape and peach freeze.... why am i so short???? 

Alfred couldn't wait and tucked into his salmon 大餐 immediately when we reached our home for the night... 

the 一老一少 cooking up a storm for us 
home cooked curry udon 

our favourite shop at the train station 

June promotion..... 3 scoops of ice-cream at only 450 yen (S$4.95)



Unknown said...

Hi! I just wanna ask what's the temperature in Japan when you went there last June 2015? Because we'll be going there next June hehe thanks :)

Candy Chua said...

it's between 20 to 25.... slightly cooler in kyoto than in tokyo