Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 9 in Japan - brunch @ Tsukiji Market

back to Tsukiji market for brunch at 10am which lasted for a good 2 hours of street food.... 

giant onigiri

the famous omelette that james and charles recommended 

100 yen each (S$1.10)

it was kind of sweet....alvin loved it while angela hated it... so alvin had 2 and angela 0...

蔡 mummy insisted that i take this pic on her standing on the official mode of transportation in the market after seeing them zooming about during the tuna auction earlier on in the morning..

scallops at 2 for 500 yen (S$5.50).... 

it was so good, each of them had 2 each... they refused to share.... wahahahaha

Alfred's favourite ODEN!!!!... actually i think he only like the white radish which tasted just like the white radish soup that mum always cook.... hmmmm 

the two brothers just had the same taste bud

why would anyone spend 540 yen (S$5.90) to buy the handphone strap????

the flaky stuff for takopachi

half way through.... alfred left to enjoy all the sashimi goodness that the market is famous for ... 'stole' these pics from his fb.... 

while the rest of us who are no sashimi fans carried on with our cooked food quest 

looked super yummilious right?!?!?!?!?!?!

very exp beef

 traditional sweet shop

弹珠水 which tasted like Sprite with more gas

why do i always sound so high pitch??

too gases for mummy.... hahahaha

lego eraser which i gotten for Marcus and Lucus 

and a sushi magnet for home sweet home... =) 

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