Wednesday, June 17, 2015

last day in Japan - time to head back home

our 10th and last day in Japan was spent stocking up on goodies for friends from the supermarket and the airport 

first up.... to the supermarket once more.... =D 
green tea favour crunch

cheesecake favour kit kat which can be 'baked' using oven 

cookie and cream favour kit kat.... yes yes yes.... we all knew they could be brought from Singapore.... but these were cheaper in Japan.... and we were really at a lost on what to get as souvenirs....  

 for Raymond whom i know drinks tea 

 for 洪妈妈.... she luvs to sprinkle stuff onto vegetables, rice etc etc.... 

couldnt resist just because they are so cute.... 2 months after we returned and they are still not cooked yet.... oopx .... bought another 2 packets to be shared among friends.... heee

Pokemon cup cup noodles for Charles

konnyai jelly for Mr Ang 

all these food items filled up half of my huge luggage 

on the journey towards home sweet home back to hubby ang ... =) 
express bus from kasai station to the airport in 45 minutes.. =) 

Doughnut time while we wait for our express bus 

presenting our in house model .... wahahahahaha..... can tell we were very bored while waiting for the bus..... 

yup... this humongous gray suitcase was mine..... imagine half of it was filled with kit kats and cup noodles.... 

bus is here!!! 

Alvin modelling the heat pack eye mask 

shopping spree at the airport cos we really had much of our yen left.... except spending on food and transport, we really din do much shopping on this trip.....  

mummy fell in love with this bag at one of the shop ... expensive taste she has.... brandless bag that cost S$140++ .... i heartache but compare to her previous trips, she has really tone down a lot on her senseless oversea purchases.... so she happy can liao la.... 

am glad that she was able to enjoy this trip.... with angela in london and alvin going into ns next year.... wonder when will our next holiday as a whole family be???? 

Alfred fell in love with this huge whale stuff toy @ S$40++ from the pokemon shop..... he just have a thing for mega huge stuff toy.... 

 Singapore sells this at $10 per box... it only cost 300 yen (S$3.30) at Japan airport..... must buy!!!!.... hahahaha..... grabbed a few boxes for friends who are into craft and those with kiddos....  

more food:
banana mochi

green tea mochi

very yummy and pretty macaroon rusk

the famous tokyo banana

quilling with felt in the display window of hermes... luv luv the creativity 

cute mini bottles of whisky  

All my 战利品s from this trip.... 90% food products..... 

Alfred's 战利品s

hubby ang came to fetch me from the airport at 1am despite having to work the next morning.... and i rewarded him with a cup noodle supper... wahahahaha

Finally done with all the blogposts for our Chua Family Trip 2015... Yippy Ya Yo!!!.... 

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