Sunday, August 30, 2015

Melaka Day 1 and our stay @ The Pines

considered fresh despite the puffy eyes for waking up early at 6am for our road trip to Melaka... =D 

my passport changed clothes again to be in couple suit with Mr Ang's for this trip.... =) 

Happy Angs on our first drive in trip to Melaka Msia.... =D 

taken way way way before the jam.... =S 

selfie-ing in the sun

long trail of ppl who were 'forced' to alight from their buses and had to walk to the woodlands custom due to the massive jam...   
we were in the jam for about an hour plus when a bus driver in the next lane opened the bus door to notify us that we were on a bus lane due to the timing... =S ... no choice but to make an exit... 

Mr Ang's 3rd daughter even got scratched by a bus while queuing our way in.... 
was and still  am super surprised that Mr Ang did not kick up a fuss or became super irritable because of this.... i think it was because his colleague was in the car with us lo.... wahahahaha and if not for this wonderful colleague who had sacrificed his long weekend away from his gf to be our 'tour guide', Mr Ang and I would have decided to abandon our road trip and head home liao.... oopx

anyway, we decided to enter by tuas checkpoint instead and was happy to cross the Singapore customs within 20 minutes.... little did we know that it would take us 6 hours to cross the malaysian custom..... !@#$%^&*)(&^$# 

it was a case of 入乡随俗.... we fasted on our journey in and to top it off, we put our titanium bladder to the test... the boys lost.... bushes were their saviour that day..... wahahahahaha.... 

the malaysian sky after the 6 hours jam on tuas causeway... =S ... 

and we finally got to fill our tummy another 3 hours plus later 

we were lucky that there wasnt a queue at this famous lok lok eating place 

self-service at picking up the ingredients for our first lok lok 

the bloop blooping satay sauce 

it was a case of "dun think too much about hygiene, just eat" thinking while we stuff ourselves silly 

each stick cost $0.90rm and the 3 of us ate about 60+ sticks in total...spent $61rm (S$21) on this meal

my favourite plum juice... i had 2 cups.... 

long queue by the time we were done..... heng, we were earlier... =D 

We stayed at The Pines Melaka which cost us about $610rm (S$220) for 2 nights booked through

our room sweet room and it was huge

such a pretty box ... reminded me of Girl Guide's cookie tin 

Mr Ang with his colleague aka our 'tour guide', Alan

the rooms with direct pool access were all sold out for the dates we were there.... =S  

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