Sunday, August 30, 2015

Melaka Day 2 - of 'outlet' shopping

Happy and well-rested Angs waiting for Alan to arrive at our hotel lobby on Day 2 morning

 took a quick selfie while walking behind the 2 guys to the car... forgot that the camera was in zoomed and this pic came out over-exposed under the strong sun.... an accidental shot which i luv luv... now i know--> overexposed photos give me perfect skin.... wahahahahhaha.... 

Bak Ku Teh for brunch  

such a waste to use my favourite beetle as a signage stand seh

so old school feel... i like.... 



$50rm (S$18)

Then Alan took us shopping at the 2 malls in Melaka 

which were where Hatten Hotel was... no wonder everyone recommended us to stay @ Hatten which was totally sold out that long weekend by the time we wanted to book  

pretty pretty lights in the hotel

Mr Ang enjoying his herbal jelly 

first round of shopping was at the sport outlet shop...
price of this season's man u jersey was about 10% cheaper than that of Singapore but too bad Mr Ang already bought his within the week it was launched in Singapore... i was contemplating if i should get the female cut just for the colour cos can wear it for CNY and National Day celebration in school next year....but decided against it.... din really like the v-neck design and neither am i a super man u fan.... =P 

footwear were rather affordable after the exchange rate advantage too but i had just bought my sport shoes in March and my sneaker from last May is still perfectly wearable no reason to buy another pair... =S 

but Mr Ang could buy cos his white adidas sneaker black black dirty dirty liao... and he paid $199rm (S$72) for this pair....

nice right???? i chose de... he wanted to buy a dark blue pair which was in the same shade as his running shoes... obiang to the max... luckily his gigantic feet couldn't fit into the largest size available for that design... heee

didnt want to go back empty ended so bought this pair of exercise pants for myself at $39rm (S$14) 

went crazy at the other outlet shop.... 
2 for $70rm (S$12.60 each)

3 for 50rm (S$6 each)... (2 for alfred and 1 for angela) 

our very first couple attire (#YEAH) just because we both like the design... but doubt we would ever wear these out on the same day..... so awkward.... 

2 polo tee at $80rm ($14.40 each)

been wanting to get a haversack for a while but those selling in singapore are too ex so super happy to be able to see one that i like here.... 

paid $70rm (S$25) for this which became my bag of the day immediately upon payment.... =) 

i wonder if these shopping outlets only caters to tourists (mainly singaporeans???) ... cos nominal value definitely not cheap for a malaysian working in malaysia but it's definitely super cheap due to the exchange rate advantage.... even planning for our next trip in to 大卖特卖 with the chuas at the end of the year liao... =P ...

so to the 3As, start saving again k??? we shall do our xmas and cny 2016 shopping in melaka... =D 

crossed the road and Mr Ang continued his shopping

Hush Puppies leather shoes at $209rm (S$75)

we decided that it was time for tea 

but long queue at the famous crepe cafe ... =S

grateful to the thoughtfulness of the staff

not only in this cafe but for both the outlets that we had patronised .... super like this idea.... why Singapore not into reducing plastic waste as much as this shopping centre???   

we bought take-away to enjoy in our room sweet room... =) 
these 4 slices cost us $50.45rm (S$18.20) 

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