Saturday, September 19, 2015

Singapore Formula 1

As it was a Saturday, it was a must to head over to Chinatown Point just to get my weekly fix of woobbee passion fruit green tea with aiyu and mr ang's honey wulong tea with grass jelly...=) 

and at the same time have our dinner @ Genki Sushi.... new found sushi place ..... luv the concept of having our sushi, udon, tofu served on a F1 car that zoomed right to our table from the kitchen...=) 

felt like Shrek just because i had that green ear plug on and had tied my hair into a braid.... #nologic

Shrek and Fiona!!!! hahahahahaha
why do my eyes always look so tired without make up..... time for extension lashes that opens up the eyes???? #beensayingforyears

the second guy from the left was super selfish... he was hogging the characters for endless shot (at least 5 pics) and depriving the rest of the people (me included) a chance to take pic with them as they were ushered off shortly after... =S 

anyway, met up with Charles, the generous sponsor of our tics, to take pic attendance and to pass him his 爱心 dinner from us.... hee

we were seated at block A19

many people were strolling on the race track.... couldnt help but think "what's so fascinating ah??? also no F1 cars to pose with".... =P 

the screen in front of us

a quick snap of Charles on his patrol... heee

start of the zoom zoom at 9pm 

one of the race car at its pit stop....action not as fast as i had expected leh.... maybe cos it was qualifying night instead of the actual race bah

all the ultra rich people who got to enjoy the race in aircon @ the pit straight suites

pretty bum boats which only ferry the VIP from one zone to the other 

wanted to get one too but the queue was just too long... =S 

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