Sunday, October 18, 2015

hatchday treat for my sweet 24+10 with the chuas

6th hatchday treat was @ Dancing Crab with the Chuas... courtesy of Alfred and Mr Ang.... was super 感动 as it was the first time  Alfred, aka 蔡二宝, or any of the other chua sibling had initiated my birthday celebration.... not that i am not love cos i know they super de love me much but because they are all so young and still on allowance, yes, even for alfred,  i feel bad at having them pay for anything when we go out as a family of 6.... 

anyway, interesting drink that alfred ordered

oyster at $18 for 6 

slurp and the oyster disappeared into his mouth... 

two dungeness crabs at $140 each..... heartache... but the meat was solid!!!

we were all only about 70% full after the oyster, 2 dungeness crabs, garlic noodles and fish & chips, so we ordered the $88 sri lanka crab combo

where we learnt the difference between the 2 kinds of crabs.... 

angela couldnt join us as she was busy with her halloween make-up assignment at USS but we will continue our celebrations with Alvin's birthday which is on 1st Nov.... =) 

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