Tuesday, September 22, 2015

lab theme high tea @ fresh fruits lab

i ended school early + mr ang ended his reservist early + it was a tuesday = head down to fresh fruits lab, a cafe at changi road,  where they serve lab theme high tea set only on Tue and Wednesday.... happiness!!!

*dun mind the lousy quality photos...all taken with my little mi... 

welcome drink, pineapple and orange juice, in test tubes and ice water in beakers and utensils on surgery metal plates... =S

luv my colourful nails which matched the cafe and the food pretty awesomely... heee

in one gulp and they were gone... 

long black with a mini beaker of creamer

my orange juice in a round bottom flask

creme brulee on a bunsen burner 

bread pudding and rainbow cake on petri dishes 

still looking like a lab student???? 

verdict: go with a bunch of gals cos plenti of photo opportunities with the deco and props which mr ang and i didnt make full use of... 

sweet platter was definitely to my liking.... half of savoury platter too.... only one that i didnt like was the beef meat ball which i didnt know was beef... mr ang insisted it was 'bak deng' ... =S

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