Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pameran Poskad 2015

"Pameran Poskad is a group exhibition of postcard sized artworks that is open to anyone and everyone! Participants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are internationally recognized artists; others are students, engineers, housewives and even little children! Artworks can be in any forms like drawings, ceramics and even soft toy as long as they fit into the provided plastic sleeves. This year is Singapore's 50th and Pameran Poskad's 10th anniversary so lets celebrate this special year together!"

these 3 phrase "postcard sized artworks", "even little children" and "Artworks can be in any forms" are enough to make me fork out $52.80 to sign up as a participating artist upon fid's invitation.... so shy to even self-declare as an artist here....heee

a total of 502 artists from 29 countries took part <oh my 天!> ... with 250 from Singapore and i was the 241st to sign up....

find my name... find my name under the artist page... =D
a total of 10 pieces had to be submitted... outsourced 2 to Nina, my art colleague from school whom submitted 2 sets of digital prints

this was sold!!!

it's just my habit to share share this kind of art activities with fellow arty colleagues a 大家一起'死' kind of logic ... =P 

these 8 below were submitted by me.... 

these are notans, a form of Japanese paper cutting, samples that i did for my P3 art classes when we were learning about Japanese art... =P  

the love-hate cards... LOVE was sold too..... =D

felt owl cards which i am using as this year's thank you card....  

Opening Night: 19th November 2015, 6 – 9pm

When: 20 - 22 Nov 2015, 12 – 7pm

Venue: Block 7 #01-13, Lock Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108935

free admission

Mr Ang and I popped in on the Sunday and was super happy to see a beautifully painted block 7 of Gillman Barracks 

the bare exhibition hall on the 1st level 

some of the artwork which caught my attention .... 


finally found our artwork nearing the back of the exhibition hall... i chose to think that it was because i was artist #241 out of 250 and also because i had submitted the artworks at 12.40pm, just 20 minutes before the final deadline  at 1pm on the last day of submission.... =P 

bought the totebag at $15 to reward myself for participating  

and supported other artist by buying her artworks at $35.90 to be use as teaching resources ... yes, i do have a lesson package on drawing the dragon playground

expenses incurred in participating in this exhibition is way more than the income earned from this exhibition..... 

so will i still take part in it??? 

you bet!!!

and i will get even more people to participate... my art club pupils, the whole art department teachers and just any teachers in school that i feel that they do like art.... 

i like this whole idea so much that i am already planning to adopt it for school fund raising program or school art fair cum art exhibition oh!!!  ;P 

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