Saturday, January 2, 2016

5th Wedding Anniversary

celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary with 5 lov-fies... =D 



our love pledge that keeps our marriage going strong 
with the cup of horlicks the Mr Ang made for me... 

 update of his braces journey: straight teeth by the 9th month

anyway, we celebrated our 5th anniversary with a meal @ Bao Today, the branch @ Rendezvous Hotel....what a name.... wahahahahaha

so why did we (more to I) chose to have tim sum buffet on this day leh???? It was all because of the wooden steamer basket that 'most' of the tim sum was served in.....

why for the wooden steamer basket leh???? cos 5th year wedding anniversary is also know as WOOD anniversary....   wahahahahaha..... 

my favourite..... pandan 流沙包 

woo....yummmzzzzz maxxxxxx

pork with century egg porridge... looks plain but was a mouthful of favours.... 

pumpkin soup 

duck confetti 

sesame pork bun 

siew mai with 2 prawns in each.... my second favourite.. =) 

spicy dumplings  

jelly fish and sliced abalone 

super juicy pork chop.... my third favourite ....=)  

the buffet was supposed to last for 2 hours with the waiters constantly dishing out food onto our plates... 

but we were so full by the time one hour was up, we asked if we could just be served dessert.... wahahahahahha.... one of the waiters was so shock and kept saying... why your eat so little... got 20 over dishes leh.... 

colourful bench at the hotel lobby

the sexy china lady

 Hi Mr and Mrs Lee, great seeing you here.... =) 

made use of the complimentary parking at rendezvous hotel to do some shopping at plaza singapura 

bought bedsheets from robinson at only $29.90 each

and a pair of work shoes too... =) 

down memory lane:

the day 

1st anniversary 

2nd anniversary 

3rd anniversary 

4th anniversary 

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Wish You Both A Very Happy Anniversary!