Friday, January 1, 2016

hyee 2016! I know u can only be better... =)

Now that i am on no pay leave .. there are like tons of 'new' things and 'old' things that i wanna indulge myself in and they include:

(1) Celebrate on completing our 5th year wedded life with lots of luv from Mr Ang Kok Ming and to continue our sweetness into our 6th year together as Mr & Mrs....

(2) Chua holiday/outing trip once a year
from a termly outing to a yearly event... i guess i just have to drop my expectation as everyone at home just get busier with their own life.... i do welcome -1 or -2 outings oh....

(3) Ang outing once a year
with the success of our first ang outing to sea aquarium .... i am looking forward to having it as an annual event... =D

(4) Enjoy my part-time work status
gotten my flexi status approved on the second last day of 2015.... gonna for an interview coming monday... hopefully can negotiate a great great deal.... so what's my ideal deal leh.... hmmmm.... no form teachership..... just teach art.... work 2-3 days per week.... extra time to decorate the art room.... flexible use of funds to buy all the ling ling long long for art lessons... do attachment at uwc art unit to witness and learn the type of art lessons i wish i could conduct....

(5) make full use of true fitness gym membership
must go (try to go la) body attack class every week!!!

(6) lots of oversea trips
korea in Feb with papa ang, mama ang and mr ang confirmed... hopefully can have a cherry blossom trip in April... throw in a dive trip would be great ... maybe a short trip to penang, bangkok, malacca too....bhutan/finland trip with waiyee in dec.... wahahahaa ... #noincomestillwanttotravelsomuch #iwishmoneyfallfromskymah

(7) improve on my art mastery
complete my painting classes.... continue signing up for more painting class until i start liking them.... maybe can start pottery classes too.... or photography ... or photoshop?!?!?!?!

(8) Do more volunteering and do random kind acts
willing hearts seems like a good place to start... no commitment... just pop by and help....any day, all days in a year from morning till late afternoon....

(9) Donate blood
hopefully 3 time this year

(10) continue to meet up with friends i love and who love me... =D

(11) Get inked - minimalist style
a ring tattoo on my ring finger to replace my wedding band was my initial plan... as i can use the excuse that i am allergic to all accessories but a search on the net state that the finger is one of the most painful place to have a tattoo.... so no no no.... more research brought me to finding an alternative.... one of the least painful places to have a tattoo --> the wrist.... =D

i know i know.... teachers are expected to be role models and shouldnt get a tattoo.... but hey, i am an art teacher.... tattoo is a form of body art..... wahahahaha.... and hey again, there's something call white tattoo that's not that obvious.....

(12) Be an amazing art teacher and decorate my art room in style
chanced upon Cassie Stephens, an art educator in USA, in october and oh mine... i am so inspired to be an amazing art teacher.... her lessons are so fun, so engaging, so expressive, so exploratory... her art room is so pretty, so informative, so creative... i want to do my PDL in her school, under her guidance, after my 12th year of teaching! that's in 2020... oh mine.....

and to keep the passion burning on each and every of the 200 teaching days that we have this year, wai yee and i agreed to find and share 100 stories/quotes each that give us the strength to overcome the daily challenges in our work so that we become better teachers against all odds... =)  

(13) Stay positive every day
did a daily gratefulness post in dec 2014, daily happiness post in june 2015 and have been doing my daily simple happiness fb status the whole dec (discount one/two days) 2015 and am determined to keep it going for the whole of 2016.... =) 

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