Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 1 of Seoul - the flight, the apartment & our first meal in Seoul

reached Changi airport terminal 3 at 6 am for our 8.05 am SQ flight, SQ600, to Korea.... paid $755 each only.... #offpeaktravelissomuchcheaper #iluvoffpeaktravelling

approx 10 kg each at the start of the trip = each of us can buy 20kg worth of stuff back .... wahahahahaha

good luck charm from hong 婆婆


our passport in couple suit.. =)

the start of many couple pics of 洪爸爸 & 洪妈妈

 要登机咯!!! bye bye singapore... seeya in a week!!!

the view from my window seat 

so many choices ... =) ...  

pan fried chicken sausage, roasted potato and herb omelette which was so disappointing..... guess i was having higher expectation from SQ..... 真的是希望越高, 失望越大.... =( 

anyway, we reached korea incheon airport in 6 hour and 30 minutes
不要被这蓝天白云给骗了... temperature was a freaking 1 degree Celsius when we arrived... =S  

first stop: GS 25 opposite door 9 of the arrival hall 

 paid 4000 won (S$4.70) each for these cute t-money pass (similar to our ezlink card) 

top up a total of 33000 won (S$38.60) for our 8 days in seoul

took the arex (airport railway) from the airport to Hongik University station (7 stops in 49 mins), transfer to subway line 2 and a stop later alighted at Hapeong station where our airbnb apartment, The Gorilla @ Hongdae, was.... approx cost was 3950 won (S$4.65) using the t-money pass

our apartment was on the second level of a building that was a 5 mins walk away from Hapeong station (line 2 & Line 6) 

finally 到了 expression from 洪爸爸... after we made them walk for 30 mins in the cold in search of the apartment as we were just so bad with direction ... we had exited from the wrong subway exit... =S 

luv the large living room which had more than enough space for mr ang to do his exercises

the common toilet 

room 1 that came with 2 super single bed and an attached toilet 

forgot to take pic of Room 2 that came with 2 super single beds too... =S 

Room 3 with the 5th super single bed

we paid $1206 for 7 nights in this apartment... i would say it was quite a good deal given the size (about the same size as a 4 room flat in singapore) and proximity to the subway station... =D 


we were too cold, too hungry, too tired to venture too far out for dinner.... so we had our dinner at this restaurant which was just along the road leading to our apartment ... it was filled with customers when we walked past with our luggage... 

charcoal BBQ 

looking like a war zone after the group of 10+ customers left

4 portions of meat, 2 pots of steam eggs, 2 bowls of tofu soup and a bottle of korean beer = 59000 won (S$69) = 4 very full tummies.... =D

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