Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 2 of Seoul - Nanta @ Hongdae, Siloam Jjimjibang & Lotte Mart

lunch was at one of the restaurants in Hongdae 

done with lunch & off we went to watch the famous korean non-verbal comedy performance, Nanta - the Cooking Show, which is located at the basement of this shiny gold building in Hongdae 

bought these tickets online with a valentine's month discount of 30% .... term was to present couple stuff (clothes, ring, pic etc) on the show day.... and this was a super valid reason for us to finally wear our couple t-shirt on the same day..... #Yeah
had bought these t-shirts in Malacca last August and both of us had been wearing them very often, just never on the same day.... 

this was my 3rd time watching... watched the previous 2 times in Singapore with lene but it was the first time, i sat so near to the stage and could actually participate in the plastic balls segment.... so Fun!!! 

bought a magnet for our fridge at 3000 won (S$3.50)  

Street Food @ Hongdae

Happy Mr Ang who munched and munched and munched! 

us in one of the many macro-block shops in Hongdae 

where we bought these for the people we luv... =D 

then we took the train from Hongdae station to Chungjeongno station (4 stops away on line 2, took 7 minutes and cost 1250 won) then a 5 minutes walk away from exit 5 and we reached Siloam Jjimjibang

paid 10000 won (S$11.70) and we could use their facilities for as long as we like... =D 

洪妈妈 and 洪爸爸 went for the bath house where they got to see everyone of the same gender in their birthday suit.... Mr Ang and I were too shy to indulge in this form of relaxation so we went to nua on the second floor while we waited for them.... 

a whole lot of jade pebbles to submerge our feet in that would help in blood circulation 

only he will entertain my nonsense and let me take a pic of him in silly situation and not get angry with me when i post them anywhere.... heeee

here we were nuaing on the heated jade floor.... so comfy that my Mr Ang fell asleep.... 

luv you hubby! even when you are sleeping and snoring like a pig in public!!! wahahahahahaha

due to some miscommunication and language barrier, we did not get to check out the rest of the place.... you can check out this blog by GRRRL traveler, for a more detailed tour of this jjimjilbang.... i will be back for sure... why cant singapore have such a god sent place where people meet up to just nua together.... i confirm will be the vvip kind of member lo ..... =D 

bibimbap without chilli sauce for Mr Ang who dont take spice and 2 pax army stew for the 3 of us for dinner in one of the restaurants just opposite Siloam Jjimjibang... cheap cheap dinner at 25000 won (S$29.25)

walked over to Lotte Mart @ Seoul train station where the 2 pairs of Angs went crazy and spent more than S$300 (>250000 won) within 2 hours on snacks .... there's really ALOT ALOT of variety, a lot alot of sampling and alot alot of people... 

so considerate of them to have this service... =) 

no plastic bags provided at this supermart de oh.... so here we have Mr Ang packing our purchases into the boxes provided... 

we lugged a total of 4 boxes and 2 recycle bags of 战利品s back to our apartment....if not for the fear that there might not be enough luggage space, we would definitely have purchase more.... 

a very happy Mr Ang unpacking and 'sampling' his 战利品 immediately upon reaching our apartment.... 

so what did we buy?!?!?!?!

10 packs of this 

7 packs of this (party pack of 6 + 1 free)

4 packs of this [very ex.. small small pack at 6900 won (S$8) each]

3 canisters of this 
and another 3 canister of the new favour - butter caramel (weird that i cant find a pic of it online) 

and only 1 of this (i wonder why?) 

a party pack of 4 boxes of this

and 2 party packs of 4 each of this
3 boxes of this
and finally a pack of this too
with so many boxes of snacks to pack home, I had to resort to spreading out the 100 mini packs of coffee into the nooks and crannies of my luggage...  
PS: we also had to flatten all 13 boxes of macro-blocks to save space... =S 

helped HM purchase this at less than half the price she paid for in Singapore as they were having a 50% discount on selected items and this was one of them... =D 

masks were also on promotion at 9500 won ((S$11.10) for 2 packs of 10 each, which equated to S$0.55 per piece only... wahahahaha 
I bought 8 packs back to distribute... 

Thanks to 洪妈妈 and lotte mart, we even get to have cut fruit every night in korea... =D 

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