Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 5 of Seoul - Korea War Memorial Museum

Just a 5 minutes walk from Samgakji station exit 12 is Korea War Memorial Museum....  the ideal attraction to visit right after our DMZ/JSA tour... 
#Free entrance #9am till 6pm #close on Mondays

soldiers who had sacrificed their life during the war

first gallery of our visit - dynasty era of korea 

the different ranks of 官 long long ago in Korea... which was so similar to those in China long long ago too.... 
reminds me of the costume that 洪爸爸 wore for the Korean traditional costume photoshoot @ insadong

identification tags for officials - similar to our police badge from modern days that police officials love to flash into civilians' faces... wahahahaha

weapons of destruction 

really is anyhow swing will also cut people lo.... 

2nd gallery -  

at the meeting where it was decided that UN should step in to stop the 3 year war between North & South Korea 

the people who were in charge to put a stop to the Korean war 

emo me tearing away while i read each of these love stories, 4 of couples and 1 of siblings' love....  

making a donation (clearing our coins & small notes.... ooopx!!!) before we made our way to the outdoor display of war vehicles via this very scenic pathway... =) 

this area is like a mega playground where kids and the young at heart can touch the planes, the tanks, the choppers.... some can even climb the stairs leading to the cockpits.... would be great if it wasn't that cold and if the wind wasn't blowing that strong that evening... =S 

took the subway to Itaewon for international cuisine..... 

we settled for mexican .... =) 

very very yummilicious..... 

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