Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 2 of Seoul - Isaac Toast & Trick Eye Museum @ Hongdae

located 5 minutes walk from the subway exit 9 and directly opposite the entrance of Hongik University is Isaac Toast @ Hongdae - our first breakfast place in Seoul 

4 sets of breakfast @ 22500 won (S$ 26.30)... quite ex for toast and coffee but totally worth it.... the toast was so good, we went back for breakfast once more on day 6 ... =D

Next stop:  Trick Eye Museum @ Hongdae 

Thanks to Korea Grand Sale 2016, we managed to get these tickets @ 10000 won (S$11.70) each instead of the original price at 15000 won ... =) 

the fun started in the toilet... wahahahahaha

behind the scene

domestic violence....wahahahahahaha 


my Mr Ang just dun get it!!! 

 welcome to tangtangland.... =D

the only time i was glad that it was winter was because all of us were appropriately dressed for this tiny ice museum just next to the trick eye museum....  

tried and failed @ being xiao long nv

this was my 3rd visit to the trick-eye museum, 1st time in bkk with wai yee, 2nd time with the chuas in japan, ......and i still enjoyed it lots.... oh ya... i think i am going for the 4th visit in Penang this march with wai yee (again) and charlene.... wahahahhaha.... =D 


Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to understand how the coupon for Korea Grand Sale 2016 works. I see that it is only valid for the month of Oct 2016, how do you use it for Feb 2016? or is it that they will publish the coupon every month? If so, is it to print the coupon at this link If so, one coupon per person? Thanks for your help as my family is going in Nov 2016.

Candy Chua said...

i believe the promotion is updated with different (same) places of attraction and shops regularly so you may want to check it out again a few days before your departure. We used only 1 coupon for 4 of us. I am the hard-copy kind of person (Kiasi) so i had it printed out but from the website, it's possible to just show it to them using your mobile or tablet..... enjoy your trip... =D