Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 3 of Seoul - Around Everland

Me: Is this scary?
Theme park employee:  No, it's a shooting game.
Me to the rest: Oki... let's go... not scary de.... =D 

I am the marksman with a score of 4200... woohoo! 

this is the world's largest wooden roller coaster which of cos we didnt try.... anyway, the queue was at 100 minutes...     

the chair lift within the themepark... so can image how big the area is.... 

reminds me of the chair lifts @ The Nut and Cataract Gorge Reserve, Tasmania when we visited in 2013

happy feet!!!

if T-express (the wooden roller coaster) is a 5 star then this will be a 3 star roller coaster... 

cable car within the theme park too

小白羊 and 小白兔 having fun in the gift shop... 

but ended up buying these instead... 

left is a hand-held mirror for angela and right is a cardholder which i m going to paste on the fridge... have to resort to this just bcos i couldnt find  a suitable magnet to represent my favourite experience in Everland....

so pretty....  can be an art installation... =D 

In korea, do what koreans do... =D 

i said, "Princess must be given princess treatment"... wahahahahaha

what's with that face mah?!?!?!?!?!
oki la oki la.... share carriage with my prince la.... wahahahahaha

taking another heat break under our favourite umbrella... =D 

i din force him to do this... he just happily ran up and posed automatically.... wahahahahaha.... well conditioned!!!

minature of the ferries wheel which was under maintenance... =( 

We couldnt stay till the fireworks @ closing as our shuttle bus leaves Everland for Hongdae at 6.30pm .... We didnt want to stay too cos it would mean that we will be in the open in the extreme cold after sunset and we would have to make our way back using the subway and that would take up to 2 hours... =S 


Dinner was at a famous restaurant, Yeolbong Jjimdak, in Hongdae that was fully booked when we visited it the day before.... it's opened by a popular korean celebrity, Se7en. 

the amount of chilli we took out from the level 1 (highest level 3) Andong stew chicken dish 

super yummy... everything in the dish was amazingly yummilious... gravy was thumbs-up, carrots and potatoes were soft and juicy, noodles were flavour-full, chicken was super tender even though we had ordered the boneless chicken breast dish... just one plate of this + 4 bowls of rice to accompany it and our tummies were filled to the brim.... wahahahahaha..... 


chanced upon these @ Hongdae on our way back to the apartment and couldnt resist buying them.... this was the first batch of 20.... bought another 10 on the next visit... =P 

Lucky Mr Ang finally had a glimpse of snow(flakes).... 

Happiness in the snow to end our 3rd day in Seoul... =) 

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