Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Breakfast @ After You Cafe, Lunch @ 东方燕窝 and Dinner @ Terminal 21 - Bangkok

Took BTS to Ari station

located La Villa Mall just next to Ari station 

 and on the second floor is the famous After You Cafe which Nat and Ms Yang raved about... though not the same branch.... 

nutella crepe 

strawberry hotcakes with salted buttercream 

this Shibuya Honey toast was the only dish that we thought was not too bad... the rest was just okay okay so-so only leh... nothing really deserved the WOAH-WOAH review that i read online too....  

rather disappointed on the whole given that the meal was so expensive @ 1325 baht (S$51.50)... 

we were done by 11 am....way way way too early for the husky cafe, which was just 15 minutes away.... so we decided to swoop the itinerary and headed to Chinatown instead.... 

Mr Ang's favourite place in Bangkok 
just because of this one shop!!!! 

we made two visits... first visit at about 11.30 am 

complimentary drink - pasar malam style of 'birdnest' water

ordered a claypot of medium sharkfin at 500 baht (S$19.45) and a claypot of fish maw at 300 baht (S$11.70) to share share among the 3.... I'm usually not a fan of these delicacies and especially not so that day as i wasn't feeling too optimal... 

兴致勃勃 wanted to 大开杀戒 on my stationary and stickers shopping but was super surprised to see an empty Chinatown on a Tuesday afternoon... why like that??? 

many shops were not opened.... no road-side stalls in sight.... no crowd at all... couldnt even locate the 4 storeys stationary shop that i frequent everytime i am in bangkok.... damn disappointed!!!

this was the only item i bought in Chinatown.... =S 

while Mr Ang bought 6 packs of "dog shit"

then it was round 2 back at the sharkfin shop!!! 

蔡 mummy really no QC her pics de... =S 

bird nest at 500 baht (S$19.45)

and another claypot of sharkfin 

interesting outdoor cooking of the sharkfin in full view... =) 

then we did the unthinkable act - we were back to our apartment for a nap!!! wahahahahahaha.... 

dinner was at another of Mr Ang's favourite.... he always had his dinner here at Terminal 21, BTS Asok station, everyday of his monthly 3-day work trip to bangkok.... 

impressive deco - think there's a similar one in Penang too

and we finally understood where this is Mr Ang's favourite eating place... everything is really affordable and tasted good...

almost all the dishes was less than 50 baht (S$2) each....   

fish maw soup 

fried oyster omelette 

tom yam soup 

kway chup at S$2 also 

only this dish was slightly more expensive at 70 baht (S$2.75) ... love the crunchy 'tao suan' grains on the sticky rice.... yumzzzz

this coconut ice-cream was the only disappointing one.... not that it tasted yucky... just that it didnt come with condense milk... =(... i missed the road side stall kind.... 

toilets were prettily decorated too...  

so pretty that mummy asked me to take a pic of her posing with the toilet's feature wall.... =D 

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