Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Siberian Husky fun @ True Love Cafe - Bangkok

took BTS to Ari station ... exit 1 ... turn left into Soi 7 ... boarded a tuk tuk ... showed driver the address; 153 Soi Ari Samphan 2, Phahon Yothin Rd, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thailand... paid 40 baht (S$1.55) and in 5 minutes...

we reached the cafe that housed many many Siberian Huskies!!! 

350 baht (S$13.60) per pax 

Alfred at the registration corner

seated @ table 16 

choice of drinks available for redemption 

i chose ice apple tea 

the variety of ice-cream cake available

strawberry & banana ice-cream cake for me and cookie & cream ice-cream cake for 蔡 mummy 

the boys were hungry so Alfred ordered the ribs and Mr Ang ordered the black pepper pork rice set   

Mr Ang has puffy cheeks and tutu 嘴..... so adorable.... i luv.....wahahahaha

the variety of cakes available 

cheesecake for Alfred and chocolate cake for Mr Ang  

1pm sharp - we were instructed to watch a super cute video about the Dos and Don'ts while interacting with the Huskies and Momo, the lone Shi tzu among the huskies 

instead of running into the 3 separate enclosures, most of the huskies 'fought' to be on/around/near the one who was in heat .... shy shy siah... 

our favourite dog, Momo, the Shi Tzu 'in charge' of all the huskies... =D ... super lepak as compared to the rest.... its favourite spot was right in front of a gigantic fan hence making it the easiest dog to take a pic with... 

see the wind in its face.... wahahhahahaha

favourite snack!!! 

owner feeding the dogs with carrots


can tell how well the owner treats the huskies by how much the huskies love her.... the moment she sat down... all the huskies crowded around her... and Brownie happily found its favourite spot - on her lap.... wahahahahaha  

at the end of the 1 hour, the huskies were let back into their air-conditional enclosure.... =D 

had lots of fun..... 蔡 mummy too... =D

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