Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada Night Market - Bangkok

Our favourite night market just because of its accessibility and many many food stalls... it's very near to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station exit 3... turn left at the exit, walked towards Esplanade Mall, turn left into the alley before the mall and tatatata.....4 rows of food stalls and at least 8 rows of non-food stalls..... though opens from Tuesdays to Sundays... even more stalls are open from Thursday to Sundays.... 7pm to 1am ... 

Alfred bought and finished all 6 wings; 1 in each flavour on his own... =S  

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? Dancing Crab style at 549 baht (S$21.35)... must eat!!!! 

each gigantic cup of coke only cost 20 baht (S$0.80)

NONE of them was interested in posing for my camera... =S  

according to Alfred, we cleared everything in less than 8 minutes .... 

not fully full full so we continued our food hunt and got attracted by the gigantic bowl of mee a few stalls away.... 

170 baht (S$6.60) per bowl - feed about 2 hungry pax.... more than enough for 4 not hungry at all pax

200 baht (S$7.80) per fish    

i am not a fan of fish yet i luv this fish.... very tender, very juicy, very sweet and no fishy fishy smell & taste

thai dessert that looks like shui kueh .... sweet sweet de... very yummilious!!!! my favourite thai dessert after mango sticky rice... =D  

Shopping time!!!

artist at work!!!

 so must support!!!...all the more so when each pair is at only 299 baht (S$11.65)... =D 

one pair for me

left side - right side - inner sides all different de!!!

i think i am subconsciously being influenced by Mr Ang's cousin 们s for the likes of 小叮当... 

one pair for Alfred - in remembrance of his huge snoopy stuff toy of long long ago 

and another pair for 蔡 mummy 

Mr Ang bought it to replace his old key chain from his previous workplace that was trashed soon after... wahahahaha...   

Alfred and his 香香包 

 new work shoes for me for a new work place in Term 3 at 150 baht (S$5.85).... 

another pair of shoes for  蔡 mummy at 300 baht (S$11.70) ... though we suspect that it may not be the original.... it is super comfy.... so who cares.... =P 

shorts for Mr Ang at 4 for 500 baht (S$19.45).... we saw that it was sold at Platinum Fashion Mall at 290 baht each... =P 

popped into Hello Korea Dessert Cafe for the air-con, ice water 

and 顺便 a bowl of chocolate banana bingsu... =P 

passed by Siam station on our way back and decided to walk through Siam Night Market ... too messy, too crowded, too hot for our liking... but it did not stop me from making 2 small purchases.... =D 

bought this passport cover for Mr Ang at 100 baht (S$3.90) just so that our passports can be in couple suit once more... =)
 mine was from 蔡三宝 for our 蔡 family trip to Japan last June

not a fan of accessory but willingly paid 100 baht (S$3.90) for this 'leather' bracelet just so that i can pair it with the beaded necklace to cover my left wrist from next term onwards... 

random thought: since i have to wear something to cover my left wrist every single work day.... does this justify a Hermes Collier de Chien???... hmmmm.... 

shared this random thought with hubby and told him that i shall get one for myself with my year end bonus this year ... but guess what he offered?!?!?!?! 

Mr Ang said that he will buy it for me as our 6th wedding anniversary (2nd jan 2017) present if he is accepted into this next job that he is in the mist of clinching .... i was like 
wait i stress... need to get him something so expensive in return then he reminded me that i had gotten a Tag Heuer watch 2 years back in 2014 while travelling USA for our 5th year wedding anniversary (2nd jan 2016) present.... yah... bought it 1.5 years in advance just cos it's cheaper at the outlet... =P 

ah... then i was like...
OKI LO..... if you insist..... wahahahahahahaha....

PS: if any of you realised that 蔡 mummy and Alfred were in 2 outfits in this one post.... the reason is - we were at this night market 2 nights in a row... =P 

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