Saturday, August 27, 2016

Night festival - Singapore Art Museum

dinner together before Part 2 of Night Festival 2016 ...
thanks to Pokemon GO, these 2 were willing to accompany me for another night walk around town... heee

 super happy to see these colourful bloop bloop lights once more.... 

my favourite icon... =D 

popped into Singapore Art Museum  for the Odyssey Exhibition

created with various type of fabrics 

luving the shadow and paint effect on the wall... 

does all 2D prints placed at this angle to each other creates 3D effect like this? 

How on earth did Alfred smile with a 'n' ?!?!?!?!


I also want to make one of this with my kiddos..... 

i 扫了 4 books.... =D 

took a break @ Starbucks 

bad decision.... cos i got sleepy during the break and decided to call it a night (just after 1 hour +) instead of heading to Armenian Street where all the happening performances were ... =S

arty farty weird angled shots by ANGELA
direct straight ahead shots by MOI 

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