Monday, September 12, 2016

An eventful and well-rested September Hol

This September Holiday is one of the best September Holiday I have enjoyed in all my 11 years of teaching.... it was a total of 11.5 days and one that required no school work to be done at all.... wahahahahaha... =D 

September Hol officially started on .....
1 September 2016, Thursday

There was the teachers' breakfast prepared/cooked by the school leaders and key personnel...

so interesting right???  Come on.... How often do you have your school's subjects heads and HODs frying omelette and making waffles for you in the school foyer, the school discipline master coming to your table to ask, "coffee, tea or me?" or your aesthetic subject head asking, "More coffee? I will bring it to you... you sit..." or even the principal saying, "The latte is good....must drink... i make one for you.".... well, it was the first for me and i was dumbfounded.... heee.... 

then it was followed by a student-led concert that day ... there wasn't any teachers' day high tea/dinner .... rejoicing much much .... oopx... i am just that anti-social.... but come on.... why would i want to stay out whole day from 7.15 am till 10+pm for school events??? i seriously think that giving me the day off straight from school is the best deal ... =D 

2 of the creative Teachers' Day gift this year... 

From Faith, the drama club teacher-in-charge

from the Teachers' Day committee

Mr Ang picked me up at 1.30 pm sharp and brought me to Riders Cafe for lunch... 

the horsey area was off-limit to non-members so we could only look at the horses from afar... =( ..

How ah??? I think my Mr Ang looks more yantao when he's not sporting his signature smile... wahahahaha 

Mr Ang with his usual carbonara

 My mushroom sandwich 

 sponge cake churros... yummmzzzz..... 

2 September 2016, Friday

rare times on public transport together so must welfie... wahahahhaha

had dinner at Chir Chir, my favourite korean fried chicken restaurant with Chunyang and Ai Ling

before heading for our clubbing session at Shanghai Dolly 

spotted this in the toilet 
can consider for December birthday babies yeah!!! 

5 September 2016, Monday
 refinanced our HDB loan at 2.6% per annum to DBS loan (between 1% to 1.45%) to save on interest payment... yeah!!! 

6 September 2016, Tuesday
Met up with my favorite art pals for our (almost) termly gathering...
and Mdm Zakiah spoilt us with a bracelet, a keychain and a bag each... Thanks Mdm Zakiah... 

7 September 2016, Wednesday 
attended Alvin's Pass-Out-Parade (POP) 

From Ah Bin to Man liao oh.... heeee.... 
All the best to your posting... =*

8 September 2016, Thursday 
celebrated Charlene's hatchday with a dim sum lunch and a leather card holder workshop

11 September 2016, Sunday 
Met up with the ladies from NTU FYP group for lunch at Rice & Fries ... ordered the mushroom and chicken baked rice this round instead of my usual aglio olio

followed by a round of Mahjong with Celest and her hubby-to-be where i won 20 cents after 3 hours... wahahahahhaa....  

12 September 2016, Monday 

Did a plentiful this Sept hol... luving it max....every school holiday should be like this mah!!!!..... 

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