Thursday, September 8, 2016

Charlene's hatchday - of dim sum lunch & leather cardholder workshop

super 难得 that my new unintended hair style decided to look photo-able ... =D 

 Happi Angs as we waited for the birthday gal to arrive for her birthday dim sum lunch...  

tempera durian with mango puree 


We had started attending workshops as part of each other's birthday celebration since last year and for her birthday this year, i signed both of us up for a leather craft introductory workshop with BE: Leather Lab at $42 each. There was a Teachers' Day promotion of 50% off for the 2nd person so i only paid $63 for 2 of us... =P 

The workshop was held at a home studio in Pasir Ris.... sometimes, they do have pop-up stall in shopping malls too... do check out their Facebook page here

we learnt a plentiful about leather from the instructor before the actual hands-on segment... 

lene deciding on her card holder design 

my cardholder design marked out

learning from the pro on how to cut the leather with a swift and straight cut

lene's perfect cut

then we had to smooth the edges  

a very serious lene marking the line for the stitches 

had fun stitching the card holder by hand.... =D

hiding the end of the string by pushing it into one of the stitch holes... 

after 2.5 hours of hard work and lots of chit-chat in between..... we finally completed our card holders.... 

am gonna get a charm for this on my next trip to bangkok... heee 

fell in luv with this coin purse while looking through some of the completed products available for sale and bought it at $28... 
transferred all my coins into it on the spot... had so much fun 'playing' with all the 4 buttons...... wahahahaha

luving this too ... but shall keep the idea for my next visit.... yes.... i am very sure I/we will be back for another workshop.. =D 

Happy hatchday gal... OMG!!!! this is our 22nd birthday together..... cheers to more birthdays and workshops together too... =* 


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