Monday, September 12, 2016

Lee Kong Chain Natural History Museum

Rare occasion where we made a trip to the west so Mr Ang did his homework on where to for brunch and found 'Baker & Cook' at Hill Crest, an artisan bakery & food store by celebrity baker and award winning author, Dean Brettschneider from New Zealand.... 


luving the cute and creative manner in which the names of the donors are displayed 

Mr Ang with the tallest flower in the world - Amophorphallus....
saw this life during school's trip to Kuching back in 2012  

 i can modify this idea into a "Plants around the school" & "Creative sewing" class... =P 

beautiful display of fungus 

the main reason why we were here at the museum was to see the $5 million dino trio who made such a big woohaa in the news back in 2011 when they nearly couldn't make it to Singapore shore due to a lack of funding...

These trio, consisting of 2 adult dinos and a baby dino, are believed to belong to a family .... so sweet and so sad that they died together as a family hor??? 

every piece of bone is real except for the head which was a replica... the actual skull is still in its (almost) original form as seen in the pic below to educate the public on how a fossil (usually embed in rocks & mud etc) would look like upon discovery

the lighted piece of bone was where this female sperm whale's fatal injury was 

man & its origin 

 platypus - its duck-bill bone is so interesting looking  

elephant's skull 

above pic : a family of termites

different kind of 小强

Pointing to the humongous crab on the left.... Mr Ang asked, "Is this Alaska crab??? Yumzzz!!!" 

amazing section to teach about adaptation... 

spent close to 2 hours in this museum and enjoyed learning about the various classification of plants & animals much much.... even Mr Ang enjoyed his time here too... =D 

Perfect 10 for our monthly date for Sept 2016.... Yes... I am demanding a monthly date day and/or activity that DOES not involve just food and exercise.... it shall be called the "Happy Wife, Happy Ang's monthly date - day".... =P

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