Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Horror Night 6 @ USS

For our "Happy Wife, Happy Ang's monthly date-day", Mr Ang, Alfred and I went to USS @ Sentosa for the HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHT 6 for the Month of October - The Halloween Month... =) 

Angela is working at the event as an actress.... yes, she's one of the 'ghost' who will give u a stare, a jump, a scare when you visit oh... she doesn't have a fix role and as of now, toggle among the white witch, the white snake or the white bone spirit 

officially media photo of our 蔡三宝 as the white witch taken by purgingsouls on hnn 6 media night 

My diy Halloween nails for the night... =D 
green glitter base bought at $1 per bottle with $2 daiso nail stickers..... =D 

our tickets..... so disappointed with their designs... haix... shouldn't the ticket design be in line with the Halloween theme ?!?!?!?!  paid $50 (staff price) for each of them ... 

I couldnt resist buying the lighted horns at $4 each and the 2 gentlemen just had to play along with me... =P 

anyway, we were just a little late and missed the Scaremony which Angela was raving about... =S

so just followed the crowd and caught the first show of  Jack's Circus 

a 40 min show on songs and dance and acrobat

then we bumped into the first show of 

the boys were totally not interested in photo-taking which dampened my mood a little... so we headed for our first haunted house 

queued 50 minutes for this house... wasn't paying attention to anything, the deco, the characters etc as I was too focus on my line of thoughts “THEY ARE FAKE!!! THEY ARE FAKE!! THEY ARE FAKE!!! THEY CAN"T TOUCH ME!!! THEY CAN"T TOUCH ME!!!THEY CAN"T TOUCH ME!!!” ... =P 

I totally din see anything and was out in a flash... wahahahahahha... but the experience in the first house gave me more confidence and guts for the next 2 haunted houses ; Salem Witch House (30 min queue) and Bodies of Work (10 min queue) ....

The queue at Hu Li's Inn and Old Changi Hospital were ridiculous at 90 mins and 80 mins respectively... so we replaced it with Canopy Flyer and Transformers ride which had a less than 10 minute queue time.... oh yeah... some of the rides were in services during the night too....  

Mr Ang's phone was on low batt
Alfred was busy catching pokemon
so have to use my lousy phone to take a selfie of myself sucking blueberry jello from a giant syringe which Alfred bought for me at $7.... =P 

all 3 of us had a great time at our first Halloween at USS.... though not a fan of haunted houses, i like the ambiance, the make-up of the characters, the props, the shows.... 

we agreed to come back again next year but would choose an earlier week, probably the Children's day week... there were too many youngsters this week despite it being a Thursday night.... we suspected that they were sec 1 - sec 3 and JC 1 students who had completed their SA 2... 

found this video on youtube... enjoy!!! 

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