Saturday, October 22, 2016

Postcards to brighten a sick child's day!

Upon MX's invitation, Mr Ang and I signed up, and dragged Angela along since she was at our home sweet home, for our 1st CIP activity for 2016 - 5 minutes micro-volunteering: Postcards to brighten a sick child's day! 

main organisor > cause corp 
co-organisor     > MX
partners            > PostPals UK & Send Kids the World (where the unwell children's profile can be found)

pic of MX (right) with the artist, Charllotte, who had donated many many of her beautifully illustrated postcards for this event.... 

the artist's also sells her artworks  @ 

do check them out.... baby tees with her illustrations seems to be a hot hot favourite with many designs SOLD OUT... 

these were my contributions - cute cute stickers to decorate the postcards with.. =) 

Volunteers hard at work ... all very focused in writing as many postcards as we could, some added drawings, some added stickers, some wrote jokes &/or riddles for the children, many whom are critically ill... ='( 
Naiise @ Cathay sponsored the venue for the group of about 15 volunteers for this event...

though it was termed 5 minutes micro-volunteering, Angela stayed for an hour and wrote 5 postcards before rushing off for her work 

while Mr Ang and I stayed for 2 hours and wrote 6 and 8 postcards respectively ... it got a little harder with every postcard written as we ran out of things to write... =P 

and for our effort, we were given these cute badges... 

these were all the postcards that the whole group of volunteers had written....hope that it would indeed brighten the children's days (and weeks) when they receive them within the next few weeks....    

pics credit: MX and moi 

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