Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nostalgic Dim Sum Buffet & Cloud Forest with the Angs

There's no rule to state that there can only be one "Happy Wife, Happi Angs" activity per month and since it's the school hols, i decided that we shall have another one this November to celebrate the start of my 4 weeks break.... wahahahaha

Happy 'Junior' Angs in our 小白 while waiting for the pair of 'Senior' Angs...

First stop of the day:
Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant @ 
Park Royal on Kitchener Road 

We paid approx $35 (all inclusive) per pax due to the "$50++ for 2" promotion that is on-going till end of this year... =D 

A total of 50 dishes to choose from and these were some that we had ordered... 

Can check out the menu here...

Food was acceptable for the price paid... didnt make me go "wow wow wow"...  i very much preferred the Sparkling Imperial High Tea set which we had enjoyed tremendously last February... service could have been better too as a few of our orders went MIA... =S

Second stop of the day:
Cloud Forest @ Gardens by the Bay
$10.20 per ticket after a 15% discount using ocbc card on top of the local discount... =D 

Welcoming us into the Cloud Forest is this 35m tall man-made waterfall 

my flower hat... 

very interesting way of drawing attention to this group of carnivorous plant with lego... =D 

 instead of 滥竽充数 .. it's 假草充数... heee

the 'grass patch' in the foreground are the real Venus flytraps 

好多好多的花花草草 but i was much more interested in the sculptures ... =P

ending off our 'double date' as coined by Jess with s'more waffles & ice-cream at Oblong... yummmmzzzzz!!!

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