Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pre-Zouk run @ Jiak Kim

For our 'Happi Wife, Happi Angs' monthly date day for the month of November, Mr Ang and I signed up for The Zouk Run 

Had tried to jio most of the people whom i had mambo-ed together in my heydays but only managed to get Chun Yang, Ai Ling and Charlene on board... lost to aging, marriage and babies... =P

It was only a 3km run to 'celebrate' Zouk's 25th and last year at Jiak Kim street before it moves over to Clarke Quay area...

thanks to charlene's brother's citibank card, we enjoyed an additional 10% discount on top of the early bird discount and paid $37.80 each for the run, the goody bag below and entrance to Zouk at night...

though i was definitely a mambo-er, i picked the shuffler green just because i wanted the rainbow socks which came out to be super long .... wahahahahaha 
with no flamingo thin legs... this was not my running socks style for the day...  =P 

Charlene stuck to her roots and opted for Mambo Blue

while Chun Yang and Ai Ling chose MusicHead Yellow

all too shy to self-declare to be Podium Queen... heee

Went down to Redtail Bar @ Clarke Quay to collect our race pack a week before the race and was shock to see NO ONE in the queue...


tried to find out about the response online and saw that there were 6 flag off timings.... means response shouldn't be too bad right??? 

excited duo (more to me) with our race pack... =D 

Looking forward to our first 'run' together....  Heee

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