Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 1 of Hanoi - Old Quarter & Water Puppet Show

with the help of the map and instructions that Moon gave us and under the lead of Mr Ang 

we found one of the must-go-to places for local lunch in less than 10 minutes on foot 

Vietnamese steamed rolled rice pancake is actually just like our chee cheong fun with a choice of pork (S$2.20) or chicken (S$2.80) fillings 

and they were making them right at the stall entrance

cai mummy insisted to take a pic of this very unique container 

Pho noodles in chicken soup (S$2.80/bowl)

the start of the constantly munching duo

we had ordered roasted cinnamon pork without the faintest idea of what it was and were surprised when this came ... 

we tried to check our order by pointing to the menu and then another piece (the otah look-alike) was 'kiap' over and placed on the plate...  
hmmm.... so our conclusion was "pork is sold by one piece one piece de neh!"... S$0.30 per piece 

nothing was planned for the day so we loitered around Old Quarter after lunch.... 

plenty of shops selling AAA sports attires & The North Face bags... average quote for each item were approximately S$20 (300,000 +/- dongs)

walk walk walk and chanced upon a Gelato shop

and while we were busy getting our gelato

mummy (the one with absolute no number sense) bought this small bag of jackfruit for 150,000 dong from a street peddler without knowing what was its equivalent in SGD... =S 

This was her getting all animated on how she was cheated after we told her that she had just spent S$9.50 on that bag of jackfruit.... wahahahahaha

this episode taught her a lesson that she should always check the pricing with us before buying anything.... and she did thereafter.... =D

walk walk walk and we were at Hoam Kiem Lake

 The Huc Bridge which connects to the Ngoc Son temple

walk walk walk some more and we were at 


S$6.30 per ticket for an hour long performance

would be great if there's a screen showing translation

maybe it was the early flight... maybe we were not cultured enough to appreciate this art form... we took turns to 'play chess with Mr Zhou Gong' .... ssssshhhhhhzzzzzzzzzz

the 'manipulators' of the puppets 

more exploration of Old Quarter after the water-puppet show... 

typical set-up of hanoi's food stalls 

chose a bubble tea shop to kick-start our first experience of having our food on stools on the pavement right beside the road... heee

upon my suggestion, cai mummy's, angela's and my nails were in 'family suit of glitter blue & gold' for the trip... =)  

without knowing what the staff had ordered from this street peddler, Mr Ang ordered one too

looks like porridge with 油条.... turned out to be cereal with 油条... only 10,000 dongs (S$0.65)

a very happy Mr Ang with his unique order... =D

salted egg yolk custard buns that came with the cup of bubble tea at 88,000 dongs (S$5.55)  

took a break back at the hotel before Mr Ang announced that he was hungry (AGAIN) and off we went in search for food (AGAIN) to fill his stomach which was like a bottomless-pit la... =S 

another must-go eatery recommended by Moon 

Crab roll (spring roll look-alike) and Bun Cha (cold rice vermicelli noodle dish topped with grilled pork, fresh herbs like basil and mint, fresh salad and bean sprouts) 

very yummy.... luv luv the grilled pork
and yes, it was at another roadside, pavement style shop ... =P

very satisfied with our 260,000 dongs (S$16.30) dinner 

Passed by St. Joseph Cathedral during our after dinner walk about
didnt know that it is still in service and wasted the chance to join in its Sunday service at 6pm... =( 

the night was still early so off to chillax at our favourite cafe for the trip just becos it is right next to our hotel.... 

Mr Ang was ordered to buy sweet potato from the street hawker just beside the cafe since he was holding on to our petty cash... =D

finally the last intake of food for the day.... =P 

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