Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friends meet up 2016

as the years go by, we make more friends, we have more work-related stuff to look into, we have new priorities and obligations in life hence i find that committing one's time to meet up with friends from all over to be increasing difficult as we age.... 

so i am extremely thankful for all these friends who makes the effort and heart to remain in contact or to re-connect in 2016... 

the adv dippies @ a?edge exhibition in Sota to celebrate Anisah's proud moment of having her iconic artwork being selected for moe art teacher recruitment ad..... 

NIE pals who meet up rather regularly for teaching 'exchange' and 'critical thinking games' but who will only take pics when everyone is dressed up and has make-up on.... making Mab's wedding in July into an no excuse to reject taking pic & must take at least a thousand pics event .... wahahahaha

my favourite art department babes who went through crazy years together to bring art enjoyment to all our kids... =D 

adding on to more experiences & memories together since 1995

the group that 逃学 and 翘课 together back in JC.... oopx....

Jasmine, my primary school classmate, saw me alighting from the train and fb messaged me... and i took the opportunity to initiate a dinner date a week later which she readily accepted... the last time we met was more than 18 years ago.... time really flies and i am so so so excited to see her and to be re-connected ...

first knew Jess when i was 19 ... we had met at cwp when she approached me to do a saving survey and eventually taught me how to start saving for my future... thank you for all the advice and for being so diligent in doing follow-up with such a non-responsive client... =P

my PTL since JC days.... thanks for always initiating meet-ups but no thanks to always cheating my $$$ at the mahjong table... =P 

our 5th annual together since 2012... have upgraded from shaking it out @ Playnation to just sit & chat session... heee.... congrats HM once more and see everyone again next year ... hopefully can squeeze in a mini one in March 2017 when HM pops ... =) 

with friends from my 1st official job for dinner @ Soup restaurant Paragon... so glad that Cheryl & Adele could join us this year and even Vincent popped by for a 10 minutes chat

SL Alumni is growing.... =P 

so so so lucky to bump into Samatha on the train too.... also a SL alumni and currently based in the UK .... All the best in your studies and your career as a radiologist ... =*

with my favourite librarian, Auntie Fei Mee, and Ain.... hijacked their date .. =P 

mini council gathering @ min hua's place on boxing day.... thanks for hosting us.... cya at home sweet home during cny 2017 ... =D

almost full attendance with new members for RSS gathering @ Chunyang's place on New Year's Eve ... =D


also much thanks to vivian, xinying, lina and yin siang for meeting up.... on my 2017 resolution list is to take pics with all of you next year... =P

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