Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bye bye .... 2016

It's end of the year again... and one of the things that I like most during this period of time is to do an annual stock - take of my life and see how many items on my check-list did I achieved as set in the beginning of the year 2016 and how many items were 'forgotten'....

(1) Stay loving as Mr & Mrs Ang

had a simple celebration for our 5th wedding anniversary and survived another year of happiness, love and sweetness as Mr and Mrs Ang...

to add some spice to our simple marriage life, i launched the 'Happi Wife, Happi Angs' monthly date-day that cannot just involve food and/or exercise ... =P ... i am a demanding wife that isn't satisfied with just couple time over food and exercise which we are already having.... =P

till date: we had been to;

> Lee Kong Chain Natural History Museum in September

> Halloween Horror Night @ USS in October

> Zouk run + staycation @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in November

really am a happi wife who has events/activities to look forward to every month... =D

(2) Chua holiday/outing trip once a year

had multiple dinners together but were really difficult to have full attendance at outings with Alfred attending course in Navy school, Angela doing free lance work that tends to take up her weekend and Alvin in NS, so we made do with -1, -2 and even -3 outings.....

we attended Night Festival in August, Halloween Horror Night at USS and Halloween Walk at Woodgrove in October... we also had 2 chuas' holiday this year... we did a bangkok trip in June and a Hanoi trip in Dec... =D

icing on the cake... we had our family photos taken 2 weeks ago... it was a funny session with hilarious costumes..... cant wait to receive the pics... =D 

(3) Ang outing once a year

plenty of Angs' makan sessions with every Angs included and a mini scale outing that had the senior and junior Angs at Cloud Forest @ Gardens by the Bay after a dim sum lunch... =D

(4) Enjoy my part-time work status

did a semester of flexi-adjunct teaching with my favourite boss and enjoyed myself quite a lot... no need to attend any meeting, no need to be involved in any committee work, prepared science games & activities for the P1s, had a small class of 7 for P1 English and a full class of 30 for P1 math ...

then things happened and i found myself back to full time teaching by semester 2... back to 100% art teaching load, super manageable timetable, worked under an energetic and competent aesthetic head whom let me buy whatever is needed for my art lessons, let me go for my art courses, had a super bubbly reporting officer whom I can communicate well with and super gentle school leaders, colleagues are super nice and friendly too....

so overall, i would say i had a great year at work.... 误打误撞, 捡到宝了.... wahahahahaha

(5) make full use of true fitness gym membership

except for term 4 where i was really sickly, i managed to clock at least one session of either body attack class or a 3km run and/or walk on the treadmill every week.... am super proud of myself for still using my gym membership after 1.75 years.... wahahahaha...

and Mr Ang bought me a bicycle so that we can go cycling together too and we just had our first ride to Popeye at Punggol Promanade to load back the calories burnt during the ride.... =P 

Luv the retro feel of the bike, the basket, the metal wheel plate... though i do feel a teeny weeny bit of a clown when other bikers dressed in their professional bike attire zoomed pass me in their 'more professional' bicycles... =P 

(6) lots of oversea trips

(i) Seoul with Mr Ang, 洪爸爸 and 洪妈妈

(ii) Penang with Lene and Wai Yee
(iii) Bangkok with Mr Ang, 蔡 mummy and Alfred

(iv) Penang with Liza and Meixiang

(v) Hanoi with Mr Ang, 蔡 mummy and Angela
a total of 5 trips.... Happiness...

(7) Improve on my art mastery

nopx, did not happen...but did 2 oil pastel artworks by following youtube video tutorials ... heee.... am back to attending art workshop conducted by STAR to up my teaching pedagogies which i luv luv...

signed up for a free online course, Modern Art & Ideas from The Museum of Modern Art via COURSERA.... it was a 5 weeks course that takes up about an hour per week.... well, din complete it cos it was so boring... wahahahaha... and totally lack the self-discipline to 'attend' the online lectures and to complete the quizzes etc... =P

attended 2 craft workshops though.... a leather workshop with Lene and a polymer clay workshop with Agnes where we learnt to make a polymer clay macaroon bracelet... =D 

(8) Do more volunteering and do random kind acts

been super lazy and had super no initiative to look and go for any volunteering program.... thankfully, i had mx who roped me in her endless list of volunteering events every now and then....

(i) chaperone for Agnes and monetary donor for Hair for Hope

(ii) donated 15 packs of 5kg rice for low income families via Project Me (米)

(iii) wrote postcards to children with critical illness to brighten their day

(iv) 'saved' 4 tourists from distress by giving them 2 huge recycled bags when their luggage was overweight

(9) Donate blood

na.... the only time when i finally remembered and made an effort to the blood bank... it was closed.... argh.... shame on me... =S

(10) Continue to meet up with friends i love and who love me...

yes yes yes... plenty of meet-ups this year.... and re-connected with a few more this year too... luv luv... =)

(11) Get inked - minimalist style

was so close to getting it done.... went for consultation...paid deposit but couldn't go ahead with it just because i have stubbornly insist that the wrist is the only place when my tattoo is gonna be inked at yet i still cant find something suitable to 'camou' the tattoo with comfortably when i am in school...

(12) Be an amazing art teacher and decorate my art room in style

hmmmm...... collected lots of ideas.... prepared a few sketches but nope.... din get down to create any of them..... =P

(13) Stay positive every day

i think i did or at least for 95% of the days..... not very difficult for 2016 because things went on rather well this year... i am indeed blessed with nice people around me... =*

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