Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 2 of Hanoi - To Ha Long Bay with Carina Cruise

Planning and booking of the Ha Long Bay cruise was the most frustrating part for this whole Hanoi trip...

first, there were too many options of cruise companies to choose from with conflicting reviews... 

second, the price range for the same itinerary is very BIG... the difference can be a few hundred US$ which made me very confused... 

third, i found out that Imperial Legend Cruise and Legend Imperial Cruise seems to be 2 different companies.... which made me wonder how many of the reviews and blogs that i had read were even accurate...seems like there are dodgy companies trying to milk on some famous cruises and what if I 笨的 booked with one of these dodgy ones.... 

so to end my agony, i chose the safer option of booking our Ha Long Bay cruise via our hotel (Serenity Diamond Hotel)... paid US$260/cabin for the ACLASS Legend Cruise 2 day 1 night Ha Long Bay route ... price includes insurance and all meals & activities on board ... 

but we were told that we were upgraded to Carina cruise the night before our cruise commences.... 

did a check at ACLASS Cruise website:
Legend cruise has 14 cabins and each cabin costs US$330 while 
Carina cruise has only 9 cabins and each cabin costs US$370

did another check with
Legend Cruise at about US$295/cabin
Carina Cruise at about US$350/cabin

...MEGA HAPPINESS...really is 赚到 lo...

anyway, we saw plenty of these signboards during our walkabout in Old Quarter on our first day in Hanoi

dun know how true, how good and/or how scary .... wahahahaha

i shall just stay contented with what i had paid for and enjoyed... hee

luv this artistic shot of mummy and me at the rooftop cafe during breakfast time... 

bus arrived at about 8.30am
 a very excited mummy ready for our 3.5 hours bus ride to Ha Long Bay  

 equally excited quo

toilet break was about 2+ hours later @ a handicraft factory where beautiful pieces of work were HAND-SEWN by handicap artists 

these are hand-sewn artworks... very impressive 

same same but different shades

 same same but different chuas

back to the bus and another hour or so later, we FINALLY arrived at the port/habour ...

ushered into the dinning room that was set up to sit exactly 14 passengers

pretty pretty carnation on our table 

lunch was served at 1.15pm
seafood soup  

papaya salad with beef 

fresh spring rolls with beef 

Sentinel crab steamed with meat 

Squid with celery and leek 

Mekong catfish with tomato sauce 

cabin 204 for mummy and angela and 203 for moi and Mr Ang

hmmm.... a hammer as an emergency tool  

 enjoying the view and the breeze on our connecting balcony... =D

amused that there were even 'street' peddlers while at sea... she had used the long pole with the green net to 'knock' on our balcony door to attract our attention.... 

regret saying no thank you to her... should have bought chips cos it was really quite boring at night...

we transferred onto this tiny boat that was tied to our cruise boat shortly after lunch  

 our guide, James, giving us a briefing  about Ha Long Bay and the cave which we would be exploring  

view from the mid point 

angela took this unglam pic of me taking a pic of Mr Ang through the gap... =S

spot the orangutan climbing up the trunk

completed the 'hike' through the 'colourful' cave in less than an hour and were back on our cruise boat in a jiffy..

was welcomed back on board with a glass of wine and some fruits

my favourite Mr & Mrs Ang photo for this trip 

got "You jump, I jump" feel?!?!?!?!?!?!.... wahahahahaha 

trying to learn the pout and the tongue look from the master... failed miserably.... =S 

super entertained by the constant bickering between this two 

then it was swimming time 

the late-comer who only joined in after seeing how much fun the rest was having  

though an avid swimmer, it was his first swim in the sea... 

an accidental shot by angela which turned out rather arty farty... i like ... 

enjoyed the sunset while lazing on the top deck ... shiok max!!!

Dinner time... 
Pumpkin soup

Russian salad  

Fried shrimps with salt 

Oysters with pineapple (i think there's an error in the menu's translation) 

 beef with vegs

steamed Ha Long Bay fish with soya sauce 

banana with chocolate sauce 

We skipped squid catching and had an early night in the peaceful Ha Long Bay.... nightzzzzzzz

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