Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank You 2017... You have been GREAT!

Last day of the year is always for review and here are mine based on the resolutions that i set in the beginning of the year... =D

(1) Stay HAPPILY married to Mr Ang

clap clap clap clap... am really proud of myself for initiating 11 'Happi Wife, Happi Ang' activities and even more proud of hubby Ang for participating in all of them so enthusiastically.... really thankful to have you who entertains me and my nonsense so readily even after 8+ years together.... =* ... 

Feb - Zoo Run 

the only not so good point was that we didnt get to travel far this december holiday because school hols and NIE hols only overlapped by 1 week.... had to make do with a 3 day 2 night JB trip ... =S 

(2) Spend QUALITY time with the Chuas and the Angs
Happiness... cos target of 1 activity per family per semester, makan sessions not counted, is ACHIEVED!!! ... sort of... heee 

for the chua, full attendance to Yunomori Onsen & Spa in semester 1 and Halloween Walk @ Woodgrove for semester 2...

for the Angs, we had a holiday trip to Taiwan for semester 1 and a prudential subsidized photo-shoot for the senior angs in semester 2.... 

(3) ENJOY work

the family 

the aesthetic team

i luv luv my RO (left) who is super encouraging and friendly and approachable so was super duper sad that i had to change RO next year .... i also luv working under my SH (right) who is super efficient, super okay to whatever i proposed, so was also super duper sad that she left to further her studies in August ... i must be jinx, both bosses i like left me... =S 

has a project under P and enjoyed working for her lots becos she's so gentle and so sweet and so encouraging... 

Happiness was decorating an art room which i can call my own and given permission to move the furniture around and even to remove those that i dont like .... set up my art reading corner, supply table, decorated my ceiling with paper lanterns ... 

And lucky me got to teach only the P1 - P2 art classes and only 1 P3 class (my form class) ... i somehow managed to siam THE class which was originally allocated to me based on the first timetabling .... phew!!! 

and the best part was that school ends at 1.40 pm for me on 4 day out of 5 on most weeks ... BLISS!!!

(4) STAY healthy

as per EVERY year, this did not happen... stop going to the gym completely in Term 4 ..... but i somehow still manage to lose a teeny weeny bit of weight untill November just for having dinner at 6pm on most days... happy & sad at the same time cos this arrangement was made possible only because Mr Ang had tuition lesson at 7pm almost EVERY weeknight!!! =S

(5) Be GOOD

  • got rejected for blood donation AGAIN... there's just not enough iron in me anymore.... =(

  • contribution made to Club Rainbow to support Natalie's cycling event, Children's Cancer Foundation to support Hubby Ang's Hair for Hope event, Caption Cube to support Agnes, Save The Stray Society just because i got approached on the street while waiting for Joycelyn ... all small small amount... but like the fact that i can donate as and when i feel for the cause... =D 

Am really really happy to find out about micro-volunteering from mx which refers to volunteering actions that can be completed in short, discrete periods of time. It is usually an "do-able, on demand and low commitment action that contributes to a worthy cause.

Micro-volunteering suits my style of volunteering to a T... cos as much as i want to give back in my mini mini ways, i am a really lazy bum who does not like to be committed to any single cause, chore / routine....

so i am super proud of myself to have attended 4 events this year... hit target for the first time.... wahahahaha....

(I) wrote postcards to critically ill children around the world 

(II) made plastic flowers for female patients @ IMH to celebrate Mother's Day 

(III) drew colouring sheets for elderly @ Orange Valley Homes twice... once during June 

spot the longevity god, changi airport, trishaw and merlion by me... =D 

my merlion drawing, colouring by Lim Ah Kim was featured on Be Kind SG FB page... =D 

the second time was during December ... in order to be more productive and less stress about having to draw on the spot... i drew the pics @ home and brought them to the event to outline... =D 

spot my fire cracker, durian, dragon playground, fortune god, baby with a lotus flower and a tsum tsum inspired monkey god & his master, 唐三藏

(IV) I even initiated one CIP activity, baking cookies with APSN students, on my own for the Chuas though only 60% attendance was achieved... =S ...

(6) Stay CONNECTED with friends

yes...i did, i did.... plentiful of meet-ups this year, especially during the december hols.... connected with everyone except 1 (sorry) from 2016 and reconnected with 2 more (hi, bernie and xiao ping) .... =D 

(7) Get Inked
by the time i plucked up my courage to fix an appointment with the tattoo artist, she declared that her appointment is full all the way till she leaves to further her studies.... =S 

 achieved 5 out of 7 KPIs this year.... =D 

You have been GREAT!

Friends meet up 2017

as the years go by, our family commitment grows, we make more friends, we have more work-related stuff to look into, we have new priorities and obligations in life hence i find that committing one's time to meet up with friends from all over to be increasing difficult as we age.... 

so i am extremely thankful for all these friends who makes the effort and heart to remain in contact or to re-connect in 2017... luv all of you deep deep.... =* 

the adv dippies 

2 meet-ups this year with the 2012 P1 teachers...

with the 2 new junior members

with the artsy teachers from JPS 

babes from NIE at Mab's house warming, especially for us.. =) 

ex - colleagues from my first job at Uncle Yew Cheong's house warming 

with Jess, my very on-the-ball financial adviser since year 2000

24th student council with our +1/+3 @ James' house for steamboat 

the babes from JC ... the group that skipped class together... =P 

two official occasions for secondary school pals to meet up this year.... this was at baby Teo's 1st birthday party 

and the other was at xiuting's church wedding ... 

and not to forget, my solo trip to Perth to meet the Teos... =D 

reconnected with primary classmate, Jasmine, last year and am extremely glad that Xiao Ping, another primary classmate, could join us this year.... was so amused when she told me that she remembered me because of the school bus accident that i got caught in that resulted in 3 stitches to my forehead when we were in primary 3... 

meet-ups that missed the camera this year .... Mr Tay, Lina, Auntie Fei Mee, Bernie, Xinying & Vivian  

Yeah to more meet-ups & reconnection next year... =) 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

to Changi airport with MX & Agnes

MX invited me along for her date with Agnes to Changi Airport terminal 3 ... 

happy to see Han Sai Por's sculptures on display when i entered the airport from the bus terminal.... she's one of the artists whose work will be introduced to my P2 kiddos this year... 

Lunch was @ Ramen Champion 
the kani salad looked so appetizing that i just had to order it even though it was at $9.80... =S  

after which we headed to the departure atrium where there was a 2 minute laser & bubble 'show'

the whole set up was really very xmas-y.. luv luv... so we snapped and snapped and snapped lots of pics.... =D

can check out Agnes' blog for more pics that we took.... 

lunch cost over $60 so we got to purchase this 'My Melody' soft toy @ $8.90 for Agnes... =D 

cute hor???.... 
(pic kopped from Agnes's blog

PTL offered to buy one for me but as much as i like the 'Lala' soft toy for its cuteness & prettiness, i don't have the habit of collecting soft toys as i really do not know what to do with them except to let them collect dust at home... so i dont have a single soft toy at home... =S 

anyway, continued our shopping at the basement and spotted this at The Cocoa Tree
it was selling at $5.30/ pack with a Buy 3 get 1 Free promotion... texted the 3As and Alfred requested for them... blessed his friends.... wahahahaha

to the Hello Kitty Cafe after shopping, not because we were hungry or tired and needed a place to rest from the shopping ... it was just because it was HELLO KITTY CAFE and there was NO QUEUE!!! .... much to our happiness!!! 

Agnes shared with us that this double ribbon Hello Kitty was designed especially for this cafe in Singapore oh 

we ordered a tea set for 2 @ $20++ to share as we were all still very full from our lunch... the tea set consisted of 2 drinks, a slice of cake and a cup of yoghurt with 1 choice of topping.... quite worth it.... 

enjoyed the outing much although i was not feeling optimal that day ... Hope both of u had fun too... =)