Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ailing's hatchday get-togther @ Shanghai Dolly

doubling up our January's "Happi Wife, Happi Angs" activity with a clubbing session to celebrate Ailing's hatchday... =D 

my favourite night life venue for now.... 2nd visit in 4 months.... and planning another visit by end March to enjoy the $50 voucher we received... oh no..... sounds like we are back for a moderated clubbing life....wahahahaha....  

free entrance for ladies throughout the night, guys enter free before 10pm... it wasnt too noisy with its 民歌餐厅 style of performance... we caught 2 sets at about 9.15pm and 10.15pm... each set lasted for about 30 minutes with a mix of Korean, Cantonese, English and Mandarin songs... 可以点歌的... =D

luv the quietness in between the performance for chit chats over drinks.... we had 2 round tables just by ordering a bottle of Martell that came with 4 jugs of mixer... =D 

Mr Ang's phone takes nicer pic than mine... luv the slimmer face it captured... wahahahahaha 

ladies of the night 

dance-able music came on at about 11pm with 歌台 style of performance that was quite fun to watch... =D

Ailing's brother came to join us with his date and ordered a bottle of champagne...

such interesting presentation.... the gals were all intrigued by the lighted ice-cube... =D

now i understand what these two singers meant by "orange juice is good, it's even better with champagne" (1.22min) .... it's really quite yummy.... heeee 

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