Monday, January 2, 2017

Happi 6th Wedding Anniversary

I have always always always wanted to wear my wedding gown to celebrate all wedding anniversaries since the day i was married to Mr Ang.... to the extend that i had the gown altered to knee length months before our 1st wedding anniversary back in 2012.... but when the day came, i just couldnt find the courage to wear it out... the struggle repeated itself on our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th wedding anniversary celebrations too... 

then i chanced upon a Huffingpuff post of a bride who wears her wedding dress every year... she has wore her full length wedding gown to play golf and eat pancakes on her 1st anniversary, enjoyed a sunset dinner cruise on her 2nd anniversary so on and so forth... 

and hence i was extremely DETERMINED to wear mine too for this upcoming 6th wedding anniversary.... i totally forgot that i wasnt as slim as i was 6 years back ah... but dun care, i shoved and i squashed my way in, breathed in and got Mr Ang to zip me up.... wahahahahahaha..... 

cropped away my flabby arm

trying to hide behind Mr Ang to make myself look thinner but ended up looking naked instead... =P 

the 手插腰 method is good for camou-ing flabby arms... heee

took a bus and a change of 4 trains before we reached Changi City Point.... 

The HandBurger signage caught Mr Ang's attention, the food from the Grill Knife menu caught both our attention and we topped the meals up with sides from the Soup Spoon.... wahahahaha... quite a successful union i would say.... =D 

pumpkin soup and ice-lemon tea for the Mr

mushroom soup with hibiscus-tea for the Mrs 

6th year wedding anniversary is also known as the IRON (US) and SUGAR (UK) anniversary   ...  i decided we shall go US style since Mr Ang is no fan of dessert buffet... since we are no fan of beef, both of us opted for a chicken (high in Iron) dish.... 

Chicken breast in home sauce, bratwurst sausage and basil pesto penne for the Mr 

Chicken thigh with black pepper sauce, Portobello mushroom and sunny-side-up for the Mrs 

the reason why we travelled all the way to Changi City Point was so that Mr Ang could shop for his work attire for his new job that's starting tomorrow.... Welcome to the fraternity hubby... =*

here's me checking myself out while Mr Ang was busy with his shopping.... couldn't really tell that i was wearing my wedding gown underneath the jacket hor???  

Great buy after an hour plus of outlet shopping... all dry cell/dri fit material @ 50% off... =D 

~ a simple celebration for a simple couple ~

Happi Anniversary Hubby Ang... thanks for being the best hubby for me... thanks for doing all the things that i dun like and dun wanna do... thanks for being so patience with me... thanks for still being so kan cheong over me, still loving and pampering me lots after all these years... luv you very de much oh.... muacks.... 

very sadist but so very de funny....wahahahaha....

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