Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happi Chickadee 🐓 🐣 🐔 New Year!

Home Sweet Home is ready for the Chickadee year!!!

couldn't resist buying this CNY deco for our main door because of the popped up rice bucket with real rice... and also because it was selling at only $1... 

set up my CNY tree once more cos we will be expecting visitors this year.... 

CNY goodies at Home Sweet Home
jointly contributed by 蔡 mummy, 洪 mummy's elder sister and lydia.... thank you very much.... 


first lou hei @  洪's reunion dinner

Delivering the box of mandarin oranges which 蔡 mummy 'requested' .... a box of 30 this year just because this was the only size available when Mr Ang decided to buy it on the eve....  it was usually a box of 6 or 8.... serve Mr Ang right for being a last minute shopper... heee

蔡 mummy always amused me with her reunion dinner preps;  steamboat spread + home-cooked shark-fins + muah chee + cheng teng + orh nee 

Hubby Ang gave me an angbao.... luv luv 

thanks Dominic for lending us your car for my 娘家 trip... 


then a visit to 洪大伯's house for a mega gathering where 4 generations of Angs consisting of at least 60 大大小小 meet up once a year to exchange ang baos... heee.... 

Happiness is when we live so near to parents-in-law that i went up for supper in my sleeping attire...wahahahaha.... not forgetting to bring my mandarin oranges along too... =D 


Brownie, where are your eyes?!?!?!?!?! ... =P 

took some 放闪 photos while waiting for 洪爸爸 and 洪小弟 to be ready for Wang's visitation ....  

to more loving CNY together... omg... just realised that this was our 7th ang baos giving CNY .... 

things he does to make himself feel less guilty about binge eating this CNY.... 

the super jolly Wang's 家


a total rest & relax day.... even had time and energy to go for a 3km run + 1km walk on the treadmill in the morning... 

finishing the day with a movie date with the angs 

typical Jackie Chan's comedy kungfu movie with a Bollywood twist ....  totally worth the ticket price.... really is 从头笑到尾.... =D 


on bus 72 to Tampines, my favourite nanny's house for visitation... =D

but before that... lunch @ Monster Curry Tampines 1 
a monster plate all by himself.... level of spiciness - 5 flame!!! 

another monster plate to be shared between the 3 of us ... level of spiciness - 1 flame only 

1 flame of spice for Mr Ang too... 

sorry for not visiting you as often as i wish i did..... to be included in this year's resolution... i will visit you every school holiday else i will give u an even bigger ang bao next year!!! =P 

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