Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello .... 2017

saw this idea online and tried it out on the big white board at home sweet home... 

well.... all i can say is... i still dun like mind map.... wahahahaha.... too messy for ocd people like me.... i still prefer the listing method that i used for all my notes when i was back in school .... so here goes; 

(1) Stay HAPPILY married to Mr Ang

I will be in-charge of planning 10 monthly activities from January to May and July to November just so that Mr Ang and I have new experiences and memories to look forward to together.... =D

(2) Spend QUALITY time with the Chuas and the Angs

with Mr Ang and my holiday in sync, it will be much much easier to plan outings and holidays for both sides of our families..... target shall be at least once a semester... =D 

(3) ENJOY work 

i want to leave work at 2pm at least 3 days per week... wahahaha... continue to work well under my RO & Aesthetics SH and i also hope to go for the ST briefing this year so that i know what's expected for the next level of my career...then i can chart my career path for the next promotion on the year after i reach my pay ceiling.... which will be like 7 years from now?!?!?!?!?.....  

Decorate at least 1 wall of my art room.... =P 

Survive 3 terms of 4I and 4A

(4) STAY healthy

i give up  on trying to lose my flabbiness since they love me so much.... =P.... but i will still try to exercise 3x a week; 3km walk + run on the treadmill, body attack class and a 30 minute ride on the bicycle every week ...

eat less carbo, fast food, ice-cream and snacks, eat more fruits and vegs... drink less soft drinks, drink more water...  

(5) Be GOOD

Blood donation       - 3x
Monetary donation - same as 2016
random kind act      - 4x

(6) Stay CONNECTED with friends

meet up with everyone whom i had connected in 2016 and hope to re-connect with 2 more friends who have lost regular contact with 

(7) Get inked

before my deposit gets forfeited or has it already?!?!?!?! 

this song about making resolution is so so so funny... =D  

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