Saturday, February 18, 2017

~♥~ Valentine's Day 2017

i always tell Mr Ang ALTHOUGH i do not appreciate bouquet flowers, i REALLY REALLY DONT MIND receiving a stalk of flower every now and then de... but 左 hint, 右 hint, 明示, 暗示, till date, after 6 years of marriage and 7.5 years of being together.... his flower record amounts to only 3, my wedding bouquetpre-wedding shoot bouquet and the 3 Gerbera daises when we just got together ... =D 

so surprise surprise was I when he presented me with this single stalk mini bouquet on Valentine's day itself.... 

i asked, "woah... ur SWC give every teacher one stalk ah???" 

"No la.... i walked past GIANT got sell"....

wahahahaha....price tag still intact somemore.....oki, oki, i appreciate the love, hubby.... i was super diligent in keeping it watered for the whole week while it was on display in our little artificial green space... =D 

Came weekend

our simple belated Valentine's Day dinner

and dessert

Mr Ang, "Why need  to take so many pictures? Can eat already anot?"

Mr Ang, "You don't want to eat, i eat first!"

Went shopping with the Taka voucher that was gifted with and bought 2 sets of 'silky-pro' bed sheets

grabbed these just to use up the vouchers to the maximum.... =D 

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