Saturday, April 22, 2017

Charles' hatchday

selfie against my favourite white brick wall while waiting for the birthday boy aka driver of the day... =D 

first stop of the day - Chopsuey @ Dempsey 

a western (see the fork & knife) and  asian (see the chopstick) fusion restaurant under the wing of PS cafe 

Birthday boy with his Big Breakfast, 

white-skin siew mai to share

and fish & chips with sweet & sour sauce for me

ending off our lunch with 2 complimentary fortune cookies.... so unique!!!

He should 'Know his true friends and stay in touch with them' 
and 'I will be lucky, ... lucky, lucky, lucky'... =D 

my favourite set of stamps..... 
How i wish these were available in magnet version....

looks more like stickers to stamps 

Easter collection on display though nothing to do with stamps non postage... =P  

Which is your favourite????

the 'interested in everything' birthday boy  

~ a mini one ~

Harry Potter Book Covers as stamp designs 

I am going to Hogwarts!!! 

Chiong for the Snitch!!!... wahahahaha .... 
had so much fun in this gallery ... =D 

Third & Final stop - Non Entree

a very tired me with rubber duckie made from mango sorbet.... 

a random mix of mango, sea coconut, sesame powder, vanilla ice cream and raspberry syrup to make this fishball noodle dessert bowl.... interesting, photo-worthy but taste weird.... =P

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