Friday, April 14, 2017

DIY terrarium @ A Tilly A Day

saw Aqidah's and Natalie's FB photos which were taken during their terrarium workshop while searching for ideas for our April's "Happi Wife, Happi Angs" activity and decided that it shall be DIY terrarium for the Angs too... =D 

had chanced upon this pretty pretty shop, A Tilly A Day, selling terrariums and air plants while searching for a farewell gift for Nancy last year @ Waterway Point... 

The 2 packages available

Mr Ang made the decision to take up the glass dome terrarium package and had topped up another $2 for a rounded container though i had preferred to make the smaller, cuter and cheaper egg terrarium each instead.... 

Step 1: Fill the base with tiny pebbles
there were 7 colours of pebbles to choose from and Mr Ang chose Sweet Pink... i like!!!

Step 2: Cover the pebble with a piece of filter paper and add a scope of activated charcoal 
the $6.90 kiddo couple was additional deco that we bought to represent us for our terrarium... =P 

Step 3: Select a mini pot of Fittonia plant and secure it in the soil that was added onto the activated charcoal 

Step 4: Surround the Fittonia plant with some mini volcanic rocks 
the purpose is to separate the stems of the Fittonia plant from the moist moss that would be added later... this will prevent the Fittonia stems from rotting due to excessive water contact 

Step 5: Add mosses 

Step 6: Add coloured sands and figurines for deco 

So cute!!!!  

Fittonia, please grow tall and healthy oh...  =D

the service provided by the staff was really 2 thumbs-up, very patience, very detailed, very friendly and she even offered to take pics for us upon completion...  

Yeah to another successful 'Happi Wife, Happi Angs" activity... one that Mr Ang enjoyed so much that he was eagerly updating his FB with pics while we were working on the terrarium and requested to come back for more... =D 

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