Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hubby Ang's birthday

Hubby's hatchday coincided with vesak day this year which meant that both of us were free from work to go on a hatchday date together... happiness... was planning to do a 2-in-1 "Hatchday Celebration & May's Happi Wife, Happi Angs" with a lunch @ Hyde & Co, followed by enjoying a new experience of ice-skating together....gloves & socks were even prepared days in advance in anticipation

but but but... it just had to rain when the day came.... and after 2 lessons back to back at home sweet home, i was totally not in the mood to head out in jeans and the idea of going round and round in the skating rink just didn't look that appealing anymore.... so I cancelled the plan to try ice-skating... much to Mr Ang's delight... =S 

but still, we braved the rain to Hyde & Co, only to find it closed for renovation.... =S.... so we just popped into another cafe down the same stretch of shop houses....  

 Twenty Grammes @ North Bridge Road

Big Salmon catch for the Mr 

pulled chicken with nachos and avocado for me

so yummilious good that we 'licked' our bowls clean... =D

lava cake with pandan cake favour ice-cream for the birthday boy

rainbow crepe cake for me

this place really have pretty pretty cakes....

it was still raining... my energy level was at an all time low... and so, home we went for my nap.... wahahahaha

Poor Mr Ang, married a piglet for a wife.... 

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