Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 8 in Taiwan - Songshan Cultural & Creative Park (松山文創園區)

550m walk from Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MTR station, exit 5

It's an old tobacco factory  revamped into an art space 

tape + hammer 

= tape dot art 

OMG!!! so sad....  

my favourite piece.... a chart that suggests 31 ways to show kindness... a great way to teach the kiddos or to remind ourselves to 日行一善.... =D

bought this bag of natural mosquito repellent for lene who was visiting Taiwan 2 weeks after us.... 

what used to be tobacco warehouses are now exhibition halls 

had fun identifying the switches that were connected... 

doodles that framed the negative space

my favourite piece from this gallery ... i named it the 蘑菇🍄妹顶大地... 

was having so much fun browsing from one gallery to the next that i forgot about all the other Angs then lo and behold... Hubby started displaying his hunger tactics.... a hungry Ang is an angry Ang so off to Ximending we went to have lunch at 洪妈妈's favourite 滷肉饭 place

nothing much to do at Ximending and we left within an hour.... but that didnt stop hubby ang from scoring another 战利品... =) 

Went back to our apartment to a late afternoon break
it was really cute watching these 2 bro exercising with whatever resources they found around the house... they even found a public gym and stadium near our apartment and visited it twice during our 4 nights stay in Taipei... 

found a Hong Kong cafe near our apartment for dinner 

succulent prawns with QQ noodles for me

yummy 流沙包 in fried version 

ended the night in the supermarket ... nothing much to buy de... why so different from the supermarkets in Japan and Korea???.... 

bought these for our wardrobe 

saw this and thought of MX so must buy for her... =D 

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