Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 9 in Taiwan - Underground Mall @ Taipei Main Station & EZ5

老蔡司机 picked us up for breakfast @ his favourite mee suan shop 

and i totally agree that this won 阿宗麵線 many many times over.... 

He dropped us off at Taipei Main Station where we went to the highly recommended 香帥 for its taro roll.... heavenly... a must try... so sad that we couldn't lug it back to Singapore as it needs to be refrigerated within 6 hours.. =S

the taro cake was so good that it got me hooked onto taro products... had taro ice-cream @ swensen and taro cake at craftsmen since we were back.... 

as it was still early at 10am, most of the shops were not opened yet so we headed back to our apartment ....

chanced upon a curtain shop that was selling Japanese door curtains at only NT$100 (S$4.50) so bought for our bedroom toilet door... =) 

lunch was at the korean restaurant near our apartment.... 

our personal chef ensuring that all 8 pieces of meat were grilled to perfection 

there were 8 flavours but i could only remember 4; curry, wasabi, ginseng, garlic... =S

army stew ... perfect for a rainy afternoon... =D

late afternoon was spent shopping at Taipei Underground Mall ... a lot of cute stuff at affordable prices that i wanna buy but my logic brain kept questioning who can i give them to.... made me put back so many items in my shopping basket... argh... 

but still managed to buy these for the gals around me... =D  

Dinner was a simple affair at one of the ramen shops 

before we made our way to EZ 5 ... a must visit place for Mr Ang whenever he's in Taipei

NT$1000/pax with a choice of snacks & 2 free drinks 

the 3 singers for the night @ 9.45pm, 10.45pm and 11.45pm were all finalists from the various seasons of 超级星光大道 oh... 

had a great night listening to the songs and chit chatting with the angs.... and with this, our 10 days Taiwan trip came to an end.... =)  

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