Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 2 of Taiwan - Lukang Old Street (鹿港老街) & Lukang Glass Temple (鹿港琉璃廟)

We were so so so lucky... 5 minutes after we left 今夜星辰休闲农场 (Tonight the Stars), it started pouring and then it stopped 5 minutes before we reached our next point of visit... 

but first, taro ball (芋圆) desserts 

the first of many many more on the trip.... yummzzz.... 

Lukang Old Street (鹿港老街) 
an old street in the second ancient city in Taiwan that sells snacks and other ling ling long longs 

went into one of the ling ling long longs shop and bought this magnet... missing the 2 Maltese @ home.... 

Lukang Glass Temple (鹿港琉璃廟)

except for the pillars, every structure of this temple is made with glass; the first and only glass temple in the world 

teeny weeny rounded glass stones on the pouch that glitter in the sun

lucky me managed to plong my coin into the glass basin...woohoo.... hope my sincere wish come true... pinkie promise k??? =) 

洪爸爸 requested to take a pic with this cute piggies stone sculpture just because he is born in the year of the pig .... =D 

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