Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 3 of Taiwan - Rainbow Village (彩虹村) & Puli Winery (埔里酒厂)

do i? does he? will it? 

as much as i wanted to visit this village because of its interesting background story... many other people also have the same thoughts.... 

The place is a lot smaller than i had expected... what used to house 1200 families in the 1950s has been reduced to about 11 as families moved and land was acquired for development.... what saved this area from being demolished completely was all the cheery unique paintings on the wall and the artist was none other than the only person still living in there; 彩虹爷爷 (age 95) 

i braved the crowd, wriggled into the narrow corridor to get to the souvenir area.... i had originally thought that it would be a small small make shift area or even a corner of 彩虹爷爷's house but it  turned out to look too commercialized for my liking....items sold include umbrellas, calendars, notebooks, files which i thought were way overpriced....  

bought the patterned masking tapes for the sake of buying to show support to 彩虹爷爷's creative and practical effort to save his home...  i sincerely hope that the proceeds goes into maintaining 彩虹爷爷's living expenses and the up-keeping of the area and not to some random organisations trying to cash in on 彩虹爷爷... =P 

彩虹爷爷 was sitting at a corner where visitors could take picture with him and tour guides were sending groups and groups of tourists over for photo opportunity... 彩虹爷爷 was really sporting and pose rather comically... 

wishing 彩虹爷爷 good health and happiness oh... =D 

Puli Winery (埔里酒厂)

second level of the building was dedicated to the history of Shaoxing Wine (绍兴酒) which has its origin in Puli 

like this idea for Q and A 


nothing much, rather boring place but that didn't stop me from doing a little shopping.... bought these two package of chocolate; one with 绍兴酒 and the other one with 高梁

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