Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 1 of Taiwan - to Taichung with the Angs

 5 Happy Angs waiting to board our flight to Taiwan... =D 

took SQ flight this round at $661.50/pax 

cozy cozy me with my botak head hubby


background story to why Mr Ang became a botak head

He, together with another PE teacher and 60 Montfort sec students, had signed up for Hair for Hope 2017

i was a supportive wifey oh.... i was the first donor in his donation card and even timed the pups'  fur-cut to coincide with Mr Ang's shave.... =P 

tatatata - the 3 botak heads @ home sweet home  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

back to back episodes of Big Bang Theory Season 10 kept me very entertained both ways... =D 

duck noodles for brekkie on board

milk in a stick for tea or on its own?!?!?!?! hmmmm....  

luving my travel bag for this trip.... a gift from my favourite boss... 

lunch @ the foodcourt in taoyuan airport  

bus ticket @ NT$280 / pax to taichung .... that's a NT$40 inflation from 4 years back 

  raining buckets .... was told that it was the start of taiwan's annual Plum Rain (梅雨) = rain non-stop.... =(

Hubby Ang looks like an NS boy .... =S 

reached Taichung approx 2.5 hours later and it was still raining buckets... super sad, super drenched as dropped off area wasn't sheltered.... 

accommodation host was super nice to pick us up in the heavy rain... he was equally drenched despite having an umbrella with him... thank god his car was big enough for 5 of us and 5 large size luggage and came with leather seats... 

while boarding the car, my phone fell off my hand, took a swim in the rain, was super scared that my phone would flow into the drain la but thank god, managed to grabbed it after chasing after it in the rain for about 2 metre.... and my OPPO phone survived... =D 

anyway, had booked his house via airbnb at $213.11/night... it's a terrace house that comes with a living room, a dinning area and a kitchen on the 1st floor, 

2 bedrooms each on the 2nd and 3rd floor, 
(accommodation pics from airbnb)

and the host's private room which was out of bound on the 4th floor... 

+ points:
value for money, huge and spacious, free pick-up from host, host doubled up as driver to and fro Yi Zhong Jie at NT$100 per trip which was just a 5 minutes drive away, good wifi connection 

- points: 
only face towels and not bath towels were provided, huge emphasis to be very very quiet during the stay due to very complain-y neighbors 

anyway, had hotpot for dinner to drive away the rainy blues

attempted to do some shopping at Yi Zhong Jie after dinner - only Hubby Ang was successful in acquiring 2 pairs of sports shorts 


appreciate all the concern messages from family and friends on this day regarding the horrifying weather condition in Taipei ... thanks for keeping me/us in your thoughts... =* 

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