Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 2 of Taiwan - Tonight the Stars (今夜星辰休闲农场)

opens 9 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Sunday
NT$150 / pax  with a rebate of NT$50 that can be use on food / souvenir 

the back of the ticket

 bubbles bubbles at the entrance 

the main reason why we were here... 
whose name intrigued hubby ang lots lots....   =P

luv luv this super cooperative and camera ready 草泥马

feeding time for the cutest breed of pigs... heee

this poor chap was caught in the rain


toilet signs!!!... wahahahaha....

with the 草泥马 that we bought for his 'new' car ... 
dun be surprise to see him waving the 草泥马 at you on the road, especially if you had cut his lane... =P

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